The Institution of Engineers of Kenya to Unveil Kenya’s First Engineering Show


AWEsome- carefully scripted to educate and entertain while showcasing Kenya’s rarely celebrated engineering achievements

The Institution of Engineers of Kenya has announced plans to unveil a Television Show geared towards celebrating various engineering achievements as part of the Kenya@50 celebrations.

The first of its kind television series titled “AWEsome” showcases the engineering contributions and hallmarks that currently reflect Kenya’s heritage. The TV series will capture the construction of Kenya’s outstanding buildings, defining agricultural projects, ICT, Housing, Education, Transport and Financial technologies among other developments.

Speaking in Nairobi when he confirmed plans to unveil the new docu-drama series, The Institution of Engineers of Kenya Chairman, Engineer Julius Riungu said that engineers in Kenya had made significant milestones since independence and it is imperative to showcase them, as Kenya comprises different generations that need to appreciate their history.

Engineers in Kenya, Riungu, noted have been instrumental in the development projects cumulatively valued at more than Kshs 900billion in various economic sectors.

The ten AWEsome episodes, Eng Riungu disclosed, will cover diverse topics such as: energy, water, industry, roads, communication, transport, agriculture, business & finance, housing and education.

All the episodes, he added have been carefully scripted to educate and entertain, while providing inspiration on the possibilities available to make better lives for all Kenyans.

“Kenya has celebrated engineering minds that have developed game changing solutions that are slowly but surely pushing us towards becoming a middle income economy. We have come of age to showcase our engineering developments as the world economies become more competitive and innovative. As an engineering institution, we are ecstatic to be part of Kenya@50 celebrations and we will use the TV series to showcase the developments that the engineering sector has achieved thus far,” said Engineer Riungu.

Shapers of Kenya@50- Engineering

Eng. Simon Mbugua was Kenya’s first Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport who served from 1968 to 1983. He initiated projects such as the Rural Access project and the regravelling programme.

The late Eng. Julius Mimano was the first Kenyan Mechanical Engineer and the first in East Africa.  He joined Kenya Railways and emphasized on improvement of passenger services. He also wanted to use the excellent permanent way network as a viable commercial alternative to road transport thus fulfilling a service to the country of relieving road congestion and making a profit on the railways.

Professor Francis John Gichaga was the first vice chair of IEK in 1985. He has been instrumental in driving Engineering in the country through lecturing at the University of Nairobi; having lectured the likes of Eng. Michael Kamau who is currently the Cabinet Secretary for Transport and infrastructure.

Eng. A.A McCorkindale was the first civil engineer to emerge in both East and Central Africa in the 20th Century. The ninety-year old engineer played a major role in civil engineering in East Africa until his retirement in the year 1988.In the same year, Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II honored him with an OBE for services to engineering in East Africa. This made him the foremost engineer in East Africa.

Kenya’s growth through the years has been largely supported by private sector investments with distinct engineering elements, with major projects springing up in the mining, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing, transport and ICT sectors.

“I am optimistic that with sound national development blueprints such as Vision 2030, we will undoubtedly achieve our growth plans especially with the current level of government allocated resources towards improving infrastructure in counties, cities and urban centres,” said Engineer Irungu.

The 10 – episode TV series, produced in conjunction with the Institution of Engineers of Kenya and Intercontinental Publishers, explores engineering feats from over 200 locations across the country, in over 40 years of engineering. It is layered with film and photo archives to tell the story of our country’s rarely celebrated engineering achievements.  The new docu-drama will serve as not only informative for the local population, but a channel through which the country can sell its capabilities globally.

“We are telling a powerful, entertaining, and uplifting story, and we wanted it to come from the engineers,” says the show’s producer, Justus Tharao. “For entertainment purposes, we have chosen to tell this story from the perspective of the results we can see and touch in order to bring out a believable and emotional narrative that resonates with Kenyans. And just like in any other world-class documentary, AWEsome is about more than just processes and accomplishments. It is a story worth telling.”

The TV series, AWEsome; the Amazing World of Engineering, will premiere its first season with ten episodes about the impact of engineering in Kenya across everyday lives of Kenyans and how we can continue to use science and available innovations to solve our social problems.

As the saying goes, ‘Everything around you has been engineered in some way,’ so it applies even in Kenya.

Everyday, engineers work tirelessly to transform Kenya and present solutions that make our lives comfortable; from the obvious, engineering feats such as roads, buildings, dams, houses and other infrastructure.

We are beneficiaries of engineering solutions sometimes customized for local use every time we do simple everyday things such as making a phone call, travelling, sleeping, working, eating, drinking and even what we wear.

Watch trailer here




Malcom Fouassou Cyr Magloire

For the past two weeks, I have been keenly following a story that first appeared on The Nairobi Exposed Blog. I developed concern and read thru the story very keenly. But as usual, all I saw was pure vendetta and a one sided story that had very few facts.

I decided to venture out there and try to unearth some facts just as The Nairobian followed in the footsteps of bloggers and deep a yet another lopsided story (here).

I really needed to understand the real story behind the Malcom Fouassou Cyr Magloire- a Cameroonian living in Kenya and Pastor Carolyne Helen Wanjiru away from what both the Nairobian and the Nairobi exposed guys reported- which was more of the Cameroonian’s story with little regard of the Pastor’s take.

So I went out, first, I had to get hold of Malcom and hear his side of the story- his own narrative- coz we writers have away of adding unnecessary sugar to stories for the sake of making sales.

So on Monday 18th, I managed to get hold of Malcom, we agreed on a lunchtime meeting at Prestige Plaza on Ngong’ Road. Unknown to both of us, Malcom was actually being tracked by the CID from all over Nairobi for a robbery claim. As we settled down for the interview, after he introduced the story and I was to start asking the hard questions, the CID pounced on us, and for the umpteenth time, I was in handcuffs heading to the police station for reasons I didn’t know.

However, we ended up at the Immigration Headquarters and after a little interrogation, i was released, I was just a humble writer out to find a story and yes, i found it. Later that day, I managed to pin the Pastor to a meeting which took place at her Church premises in Ngara. She gave me her side of the story backed with witness accounts of her Senior Pastor at Lovespring Church, Apostle Raymond Tamakloe as well as recorded tapes.

I later went to the Immigration just to follow up on a few more issues and yes, I got more than I ever thought I needed.

From the meetings, I can hereby report as follows:


Malcom and Carolyne have been married for the past 15 years, add 2 years of their courtship, the two have known each other for 17 years. They had a legal wedding with celebrated Nairobi  Lawyer, Cliff Ombeta as the best man in the ceremony.

They have two kids, Cheryl- the first born daughter aged 15 years and Nathaniel- the son, aged 10 years old.

Like any other household, the two have had their fair share of marital woes that includes infidelity among other vices that are nothing new to marriages world over.


The two are currently not living under one roof. This was occasioned by Malcolm’s 3 years imprisonment in Sudan after he was charged for being in possession of fake currencies in Khartoum.

It is while serving the jail term that Malcom claims that their real troubles started. In his narrative, he claims that when he was away, his wife took advantage to disposes him of their matrimonial wealth.

However, in tape recordings from a reconciliation meeting chaired by Apostle Raymond attended by both parties and Malcom’s elder brother Leonard, MALCOM CONFIRMS THAT HE AUTHORIZED THE WIFE TO SELL PART OF THEIR PROPERTY TO TAKE CARE OF THE FAMILY EXCEPT, HIS CLOTHES AND MERCEDES BENZ.

It is also on record that he has a terminal ailment that he disclosed to his wife through the said Apostle Raymond and they are currently undergoing a divorce process.


Malcom is a common foreign criminal as per the records with various govt departments tracing back to 2004.

On 26th February 2004 his Cameroonian Passport No. 390149 was taken into custody by the Immigration department following an investigation over fraud claims that even saw him charged at Kibera Law Courts- The Passport still lies at Immigration to date.

In 2006/07, he was again charged at Kibera Law Courts where he was ordered to surrender his passport with the courts. He duly complied and deposited a Cameroonian Passport No. 00153261.
Later in 2009, he was arrested in Sudan and convicted. He was using a Congolese Passport No. C0501927 under the name Francoise Pembe. A copy of the Congolese Passport is currently in the possession of the DCIO Kilimani Police.
When I checked with the Congolese Embassy, the Passport Number C0501927 is registered under the name of one Kasongo Ngoy Emmanuel.
On passports, Malcom has a Cameroonian Passport No. 01274848 under the name, Fouasso Cyr Magloire which he used to open a bank account with Diamond Trust Bank in early June 2013.
Which begs the following question..
The Department of Immigration has been looking for Malcom for the past 21/2 years with an intensified zeal the past two weeks since he went to the press over his estranged wife (at that time, he was incarcerated in Sudan)
A file at the Immigration department prohibits him from entering Kenya and is marked “red” meaning that should he be seen anywhere in this country, he should be arrested on site.
As a matter of FACT, he has  been marked for deportation for the longest time possible and his claim that his wife is behind his woes is a far fetched rumor.
I’m still working on the entire story and I hope to have it published in one of the dailies as well as various other platforms but I thought I have an obligation to share a few facts that I have come across in my attempt to get the truth of this matter.
So before we jump over the roof and shout all manner of insults to Pastor Carolyne, let’s give her her day in “the court of public opinion”. Here’s just the beginning.



I have been away for close to 48 hours now and on my way back, I find lots of stories flying all over the blogs over an “extortion” claims by one Mike Mbuvi Sonko.


To some dimwits, this might sound like acceptance of liability but to the few mental blessed ones, it’s more sarcasm than anything.

I ask this question because there are three different versions of the same, all accredited to Sonko. a) 2 Million, b)1 Million and c) 300,000.

On Thursday 10th October, on a radio interview onRadio Maisha (Listen to the recorded version here) with Jalang’o and Mwashumbe, Sonko played TWO telephone recordings— one from me and another from some anonymous person, unknown to both himself and myself.

Sonko categorically started that “some guy from river road called him and requested 2 million shillings”. In the recording, Sonko is heard negotiating with the said extortionist noting that he could manage 500,000/= and that the guy should go collect it from his office. He went ahead to say that the guy had since been arrested. NOWHERE DID HE SAY THAT ROY WAS AN ACCOMPLICE. #FACT.

Fast forward to Monday 14th, on the same radio station, hosted by Jalang’o and Alex, Sonko played the same recordings making the same extortion claims without mentioning my name in the said web of people who tried to get money from him.

He however read various text message communication between me and him as well as between myself and Hon. Shebesh. What he failed to do was read his own messages.

The most published message of them all is this “Tulia mhesh. Ulimess, kubali na useme ukweli. Ongea na Okaka akushow vile tunaeza maliza hii maneno. I don’t fight losing battles too mostly online. Nitafute tuongee kama maboy…”

Well, it takes a real dolt not to see the tonnage on this message and realize that it is a reply to something.

I confirm sending this message to Sonko on Wednesday 9th at about 7.40 pm. This was a response text to an earlier text sent by Mike Sonko “You Roy Ogolla I see you are determined to do an online battle with me. I don’t fight loosing battles. Sonko” sent on the same day at 7.36 pm.

My message was followed by the phone conversation that Sonko plays everywhere he goes. It has since been followed by quite a number of other communication both on text and on calls by ourselves and thru proxies.


On Wednesday 16th, I was invited for an interview on Radio Jambo by a mutual friend Ken Odero. I was psyched up to get to that booth and clear the issues surrounding this whole Sonko v Shebesh shit, but on the evening on Tuesday 15th, professional obligations came my way and I had to cancel the interview as early as 7.00 pm on Tuesday when it was scheduled for Wednesday at 10 am. I still managed to have a short phone interview, where some nasty words flew… Sonko was live in studio and this irked him.

So, after playing his recordings and reading the texts, Sonko still did not tie me down to any extortion but made a claim that Kenn Okaka, a close friend to both of us, had told him (Sonko) “to prepare 300,000/= to help in clearing the mess“.

#FACT 1. Kenn Okaka is my business associate,  we, together with others, run a magazine “Intouch Mtaani” together and is the one whoi formally introduced me to Mike Sonko, who gave us 150,000/- to start the magazine project.

#FACT 2. Kenn Okaka has been concerned from the word go on the happenings and has tried to have both me and Sonko sit down and solve this matter coz he (Kenn) believes that we are stronger together.

#FACT 3. In my communication with Kenn Okaka, I have insisted that I would only meet Sonko in the presence of Shebesh, because we are all mutual friends and she is the reason why I got involved in this saga coz I stood to defend her.

#FACT 4. In the communication with Kenn Okaka, at no particular moment have we discussed money, coz whatever I did, was never informed by money.

Therefore, if Kenn Okaka asked Sonko to “prepare 300,00/= for cleaning up the mess”, that was their own arrangement that does not include me coz I was not and have not been part of such deliberation.

It is however interesting to note that the person who came up with the extortion story online is the same Ken Odera, who wrote the story on Kenya Today blog. I wouldn’t want to speculate his intentions but if it has to do with my skipping his interview invites for Radio Jambo, I probably will have to say that it’s extremely immature of him.

The FACTS are clear, the recording are available— The person (s) who tried to get money, whatever the amount, have been arrested- Sonko said so. They were arrested as early as last week. I want to believe that they have been arraigned in court to answer to the charges, which begs the question— If they acted on my behalf, why haven’t I been summoned for questioning or worse still been arraigned in court?

So, as these gossip- I call them gossip coz in all the blogs the story appears, it is under the GOSSIP PANEL– fly by, I want to reiterate my earlier assertions, Mike Sonko has been involved in more than a million scandals since he rose to public limelight, never before has he worked so tirelessly to “set the record” straight like he has done in this. I maintain my stand that it is high time Sonko grew up. He needs to come off his pubescent excitement and realize sooner rather than later that he is a member of the honourable house of Senate. The constitution is very clear on the conduct of public office holders and it’s imperative of Sonko to go back to his Constitution chapter six and re-read it.

As long as he continues to act like a goat on heat or a pig experiencing orgasm, I will stand for what I believe is right and honour my obligation as a citizen to continue holding him to account for his actions as long as he remains to carry the name, Senator- Nairobi County.

May I also take the earliest opportunity to state that I have no personal problem with Sonko, never had, never will. I hold him in high regard having come thru for us when we rolled out Intouch Mtaani but I will not allow my leaders, regardless of what they have done for me personally or for others, to act in such juvenile manners and keep quite about it.

Here’s is my response, you can either choose to take it or continue believing the GOSSIP going around. I careless of what you will make out of it coz in the end of it all, I’m very clear on what I did, why I did it and why I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!

Kohadha Roy Ogolla.

TPF 6 Fails To Impress

By Kohadha Roy Ogolla


What used to be East Africa’s number one premier reality TV show Tusker project fame kicked off last night on a low note with a series of lame mishaps that have since seen the show ratings drop six feet under. As much as there is nothing much to write home of the “talent show” owing to the fact that the previous winners have not done anything meaningful with their bounty catch of 5 million Kenya Shillings and multi-million recording deals, here is what went down.

 This was an evening that began with boring and irrational speeches from EABL on how Tusker is the number one brand. And even after promising lots of giveaways, they went ahead to sell to their distinguished guests (read Press) (who were by the way mistreated as EXCLAMATION PR watched helplessly. Where is our good old OGILVY PR??), ladies and gentlemen beer at Ksh. 150. Who in his right senses buys water at exorbitant price when at the river bank?? Somebody give me a cold Summit lager, I need to cool down! My local pub, which is over 30 km from the plant sells beer at Ksh.140, transport cost, catering levy, profits and ‘gikmakamago’ inclusive and there we were getting a raw deal from the source.

Where was the surprise judge?

The only good that came out of last night’s show is the fact that finally Eric Wainaina’s patriotism was recognized and with that opening duet of ‘Daima Mkenya’ featuring coach Kavutha I want to say, ‘karibu nyumbani’. I am reliably informed that Tanzanian producer Hermes Bariki whose name has been remixed to Hermy B (according to Dr. Mitch) was initially not in the list of judges and that the producers had sought after a prominent Tanzanian music mogul whom they failed to woo and had to quickly find Hermes after dumping him. An insider tells me they have been trying to cut costs. Well, if they can’t afford it yearly then it is not a matter of life and death, they can scout talent after every three years when we have drank enough Tuskers to foot the bills. This is showbiz and glamour is all that it has, without that, there is nothing to show for it. For example, the contestants who did not make it into the academy left the plant in a Tusker FC mini bus, there were no goodbyes, no after party, no security and conspicuously missing was the limousine and its escorts.

Even though some say beer and petroleum jelly don’t mix, Sheilla Mwanyigha made TPF exciting, easy and worth looking forward to, and this I say on behalf of all the men. Now we know the truth, not everyone makes a creative, entertaining host. Dr. Mitch is still as good as ever, but if Joey doesn’t step up her A game, it would only be fair if Mitch hosted the show alone. Joey Muthengi made the show an agonizing experience with her off sync relation with the ever fresh Mitch Egwang’. As a matter of fact, Sheila Mwanyigha needs to be brought back to salvage the show as soon as last night.

Mo sound gave very little sound…

The sound engineers, if at all there were any made the show agonizing to watch with the on/off mic moments. Here is what allegedly happened, Mo sound was the lowest bidder and endemol surprisingly kicked out Homeboyz from the sound desk. What they did not realize is that this was a live event and not a road show. Please, please let us have experienced people in their respective fields. It was very embarrassing when there was total disconnection between the judges, faculty and hosts and the microphones either humming or whistling. Whether this was a problem with the “live sound” or the television feed, the audience cares less, just get the damn sound working.

TPF 6 has also seen the introduction of new “make-up” artists… After Ashley’s five year monopoly, ‘Suzzy Beauty’ will be the new faces in front of the make-up mirror… and boy, they did a poor job. The make-up was in excess making the female contestants look as fake as Nicki Minaj.

The biggest disadvantage of live shows is that you never have the luxury of correcting mistakes. I don’t wish to sound mean but facts remain facts, if the same show I watched last night is going to be on my TV for the next 8 weeks, may God help my TV for I might end up with none, that is if I don’t pull off my hair!!!

NB; I am not a musical judge but I do have a musical ear, why again was Rwandese Peace sent home?? It should have been the Nyeri woman!!!

Siaya Election: Are LUOS the Most Undemocratic Community in Kenya Today?

Image Image


As campaigns enter homestretch in Siaya County, the Luo Nation is once again in Kenya’s political radar, for better and for worse. Coming out of the March 4 elections, where the community lost as a whole, the gubernatorial by-elections in Siaya, the heartland of Luo politics, has already deeply polarised the community’s young and outspoken political bloggers.

In social media, so divided are young Luos that often, to avoid inviting ‘outsiders’ in what they now term as a ‘family affair’, the disagreements often get sorted out in their mother tongue. Problem is, Luos rarely speak their language in totality, the outsiders will always make inferences.

In the coming elections, the schism appears to be based on what popular democracy mean for Luo Nyanza, and the place of party politics in a region often known for anti-government rhetoric. These questions will be answered when Cornell Amoth Rasanga meets William Oduol. For the avoidance of doubt; both Rasanga and Oduol are Luos, however, from the evolving politics in Siaya, even in the Luo community, some people seem to be more Luo than others – the difference, of course, being tangentially related to the social, political and ideological distance between the region’s political aspirants and the ODM leader, Raila Odinga.

Faced with an uncertain future after the end of Raila in elective politics, brought about by the loss to Uhuru Kenyatta, there has been incessant soul searching among the young Luos; many of them coming out of colleges and universities with sterling grades and checkered political history associated with their community.

The group uncomfortable with the candidature of Amoth Rasanga, the man preferred by the community party, ODM, make a series of claims that go back to the initial (shambolic) nominations of ODM candidates in the last general election. Even then, Rasanga had emerged third, trailing Oduol and Dr Oburu Oginga. Amoth Rasanga has never been the people’s choice. He is a party choice and one whose candidature is only significant to adernt party supporters, party hanger-ons and Raila Odinga sycophants.

The nomination of Rasanga, who would later win the last elections merely because people voted with the bigger picture of Raila Odinga in mind, rather than the smaller frame of an old party grandfather, would rare its ugly head in the priorities that the man has lined up for the county. To date, unlike the southern Nyanza county of Homabay, where Governor Cyprian Awiti is always signing multi-billion dollar development deals, Siaya County county agenda under the short stint of Cornell Amoth Rasanga pales in comparison with other counties in the region, or Cord counties nationally.

 This is where Oduol comes in. First, William Oduol Denge is seen as a young, independent and progressive leader without the political baggage of Odingaism. Let me put this into context:

 In the greater Luo Nyanza, the individuals, especially those in the gubernatorial races, who were seen as ‘party men’ or ‘Raila men’ all but lost in the elections.

In Homa Bay County, ODM party honchos cast their lot with then then Party Elections Board Chairman Philip Okundi, the man was rejected by voters.

In Migori County, the party had a Raila man in the person of  Prof Oyugi Akong’o, an octogenerian with few years to eat salt in this God’s earth; and Luos of South Nyanza rejected Akong’o who took cue and moved to the High Court to challenge the election of the current governor John Obado.

The high court, following the path set forth by the Supreme Court, rejected everything Odinga. The method which Prof Oyugi had got the ODM ticket during the nominations is a story for another day; suffice to say, Governor Obado would later win with the PDP party associated with Omingo Magara. ODM in South Nyanza lost the people’s trust; and the eventual voter apathy in most parts of Luo Nyanza during the March 4 elections  vindicated those who had lost unfairly during party primaries.

In Kisumu County, Jack Ranguma outfoxed Ruth Odinga, riding in a nascent indignation of what Luos saw as an attempt by the Odingas to create a stranglehold on Luo Nyanza politics.

Luckily, for purely historical and tribal reasons, Luos would later vote Raila Odinga to the man, however, disgustment continued in the manner in which the party handled the nominations, with Siaya County becoming an ODM punching bag for the media and the Jubilee Alliance. Reading through most of the major outspoken ODM bloggers and adherents, since the nominations, each has attempted to reconcile blind support for the party with objective support, the latter being a dedication to a set of ideals of the Orange party.

This, in my view, is the continuing context within which most voters in Nyanza and those of us interested in Nyanza politics, view the unfolding political drama between ODM’s Amoth Rasanga and the apparent people’s choice, William Oduol.

In Siaya, it is a gone conclusion that Oduol is not competing Rasanga; had it been so, Denge would by now be preparing to be sworn in. The man is competing with Raila Odinga himself. The man is fighting to anchor popular democracy in a region which has fought so hard, and suffered abundantly, to institute plural politics in Kenya.

Nyanza’s politics is a big contradiction. The region often reminds the rest of the country on the importance of democracy and plural politics. All emblems of post-independence Kenyan plural politics can be traced to Luo and Kisii Nyanza, with the accompanying epitaphs of dead sons and daughters -from 1969 to 2013, yet the region has never tolerated ‘foreign parties’ or homebred sons politicking outside the region’s chosen political formations.

From the IEBC data, freely on its website, a quick math will tell you that more Kikuyus; we who are seen to have denied Raila a chance to be in Statehouse, voted the CORD leader than Luos reciprocated to Uhuru. Meaning, in terms of voting outside, in a scenario where both communities have fielded a candidate, the Kikuyu is more likely to vote a Luo than the Luo is  more likely to vote in a Kikuyu! This fact is funny, right?

Oduol has been labelled all manner of names. The one which offends, because it is propaganda being peddled by ODM party top brass, is the insinuation that the political contest in Siaya is a continuation of the Raila-Uhuru fued. The party tried this in Migori County and failed. In Roza Buyu vs Olago Aluoch, again the party tried this outsider-insider type of propaganda and failed.

ODM needs to let internal democracy grow. It serves Raila more and it serves the party more. If, for instance, Oduol wins the Siaya race, why would Jubilee, which had no interest in that race, not celebrate and poke Raila more? After all, they said it was ‘them vs us’?

What the young Luos, and we who support ODM from the foothills of Mt. Kenya are saying is this: ODM needs to let party democracy grow. There are fights which Raila Odinga, as the de facto spirit holding the different competing interests in ODM together, ought not to fight. The Siaya gubernatorial race is not a Raila race, it is way below him and whoever won that race, if all factors had been put constant by the CORD coalition, would still have licked the sugary boots of the former prime minister.

To stop deluding ourselves, let the party top brass know: There can never be democracy in other regions with a continuing one man tyranny in Luo Nyanza. In the race to 2017, the political shifts in Luo Nyanza will inform the tectonics in other regions; especially for a generation witnessing the last gasps of the dogmas of a dying past- a past too inadequate to understand the stormy present, and act upon it.

By Chris Maina

Ben Odero contributed to this article from Migori; Osoo Mola from Eldoret; Steve Oyuye from Nairobi.




On the day the JSC is considering the Shollei matter, this is what NMG is doing:

Nation Media Group’s Brown Envelope Lunch

We spoke.

Am sure most of you are aware of the Brown Bag Lunch initiate by the COO. Our first series named Judiciary begins tomorrow the 3rd October. As per the attached letter, Mrs. Gladys Shollei’s office confirmed her attendance late this afternoon and this is the reason we are sending this invitation to you a bit late in the day. Lunch with her is from 12.30pm to 2.00 pm at the GCEO Boardroom.

This is a series that the COO has introduced to provide an opportunity for leaders in various sectors to interact with our editors and executives in a non-formal setting, to exchange views over a luncheon to be held in our boardroom at the Nation Centre. The format will be simple. She will have the opportunity to discuss an issue, or issues, of public interest in her sector, and the editors will respond and ask questions. We believe that this opportunity will enable you to gain insight on issues of public interest and provide her an opportunity to better understand NMG policies and practices.

It will be nice if you attend. Sorry for the short notice.

We will be sending you a calendar and the guests invited for the entire Brown Bag Series.

Please RSVP to me by 10am tomorrow.

Thanks and Regards,



Bill and Melinda Gates have included Siaya County in their scheduled Africa Tour to access projects funded by tThe Bill & Melinda Gates Fountaion.

The deal was arrived at when Siaya Gubernatorial Seat aspirant William Oduol met Bill Gates over the weekend at a conference in the US

Oduol who is in the US attending a Microsoft hosted IT Support Firms’Conference in his capacity as the CEO of WestConn Africa is said to have engaged the philanthropic Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates in an discussing possible ventures for the company and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Siaya County.

The flamboyant and youthful aspirant, who has been Christened “The Rebel of Siaya” due to his perceived political differences with former Siaya County Governor, Cornell Rasanga Amoth, whose election he (Oduol) successfully petitioned, is reported to have urged Bill and Melinda Gates to look at the possibilities of funding women and youth projects in Siaya county as well as prayed upon Microsft to extend its projects like the “Internet Libraries” Project to the US President Barrack Obama’s ancestral home county.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s biggest private foundation with interest in multi-sectoral NGO support for the UN Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) across the world with a biased leaning to Africa.

It is understood that Oduol used his relationship with the Gates which traces back to his days as an employee of the Global IT Support firm, Microsoft where he worked as the Head of Channel Business and OEM Leader for Africa to strike a few deals that included the Gates planned visit to Siaya county when they will be on an African fact finding mission on the projects the foundation supports across Africa.

The inner details of the “off the record” agreement are not clear but sources indicated that the Gates promised to look into the opportunities mentioned promising to offer support where needed to spur achievement of the MDGs.