I believe most of you remember GPO Oulu, He was the guy who was seated at the front line near Mdomo Baggy, with an Afro, during Louis Otieno Live the two weeks ago, when the shows topic was “National Accord, One Year Latter”.Some of us, we came up and close with him some time back and got a lot of inspiration from him. We shared a class together in a training for future political leadership aspirants organized by the youth agenda and funded by Fredriech Burnett Foundation dubbed “Pioneers for Change” as well as the National Youth Convention by a host of Civil societies.

One thing came to the minds of many whenever the guy spoke at both events, he was a true warrior for change. This lead to his suspension from the University of Nairobi, where he returned two weeks ago before sitting for his Economics Papers, 3rd year. his zeal to fight for the voiceless and the unheard has seen him loose his life at a time the change agents that we are needed him most. Unfortunately it happened exactly 4 hours after the government, through its mouthpiece, Alfie, had issued a strong comment and warning to the organization he worked with. Unfortunately, the man no longer speaks for the Grand Coalition Government, thanks to our Prime Minister’s Hypocrisy.

This has one one message to all of us who crave for change. We will not be allowed to have it easily. they are trying to intimidate us, but you know what guys, we cant give up this fight. We haver sacrificed two innocent souls and will see even more pass on, but we got to be strong. We got to sit down, reflect, deliberate and find better ways of leading this country and its people to that promised land without spilling any blood.

We should not give them a chance of rating us, they expect us to move into action, reason enough for them to kill more of us. Let us not give them that chance, there will come a time when guns will be rendered useless, and our voices will prevail beyond the horizons. only then will we have done justice not to ourselves but to our children and their children.

They fought a good fight, they however did not win the race but it is for us to win it on their behalf and make their souls and those of all the politically modified killing from times of the colonial masters happy. It is us to keep the faith.

Don’t be intimidated by the gun shots for soon they will run out!!!


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