This is to all those producers out there. If paying actors and artists become a thorn that must be literally be pulled out of your damn asses, kindly don’t produce.

It’s becoming a norm in  Kenya to be told a million and one stories when it comes to payment of dues while when the shoot is on, the producer has the guts of telling you all the crap she/he believes is right. Once a production is done and money has come, story after story builds.

How do you explain an instance where an artist passed away late last year and his money for a production that had its first season go off air early last year was released to his family this month? This trend must surely stop.

What about the never ending fines that have to be deducted from that peanuts paid to you simply because a page of your script is missing or simply because you were ten minutes late due to the roads being blocked due to the president’s faulty official function?

I strongly believe that actors and actresses should stand up and say enough is enough. We can’t have a country where we are all celebrated for the good work on Kenyan Screens while our pockets are empty. Don’t you feel insulted when a fellow artist is arguing over a ten shilling bus fare hike with a host of his fans behind him laughing?

We surely need to change this industry! You and me!


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