Philip Mwaniki once requested for beef to make the entertainment industry more interesting, well, there is beef everywhere. Most talked of beefs are Chiwawa v Abbass, Prezzo v Jaguar and now Labalaa v DNG.

I won’t talk much the of Labalaa v DNG beef coz to me it is not beef, it is a misunderstanding. Reading Pulse, when DNG was pittied against Labalaa on the Celeb v Celeb, I laughed the “beef” off simply because none of the artists could candidly expalin themselves. The truth is, Labalaa is a better rapper than DNG, by far and the latter is a business opportunist, period. DNG knows when and how to get his bread buttered on the right side, Labalaa is a rap genius, Ukoo Flani Mau Mau influence maybe…! But seriously, what with DNG being in all programs on Radio Africa? The guy is everywhere on Kiss’ case, TV, Radio etc and to make it worse, he cannot hold it up. I think Quarcoo, or whoever thought of DNG being on TV should think again, anyway that is that!

To Abbass and Chiwawa, GOD, talk of friends turned foes. This beef is not ending soon and believe me not, they are out to keep us entertained. I listened to both artists’ distracks and left with one thing, whoever wins this will for sure be the best of Kenyan Street Hip Hoper. With Abass starting it all off, Chiwawa has not taken it lying down and has promised to send Abbass back to the K-South rythmless! Abbass on the other hand has his guns all pulled out and ready to blast Chiwawa. The self proclaimed street hip hop star maintains that Chiwawa is his baby and should keep licking the bones once he (Abbass) finishes with the meat itself! Hope this doesn’t get to Dar/ Kampala style where artists literally get into each others skin be it by punches, guns, knives etc. Hope we keep the beef minus the violence, and latter see the two get back on the same booth!

The most worthless beef though is the Jaguar v Everybody! How can someone just wake up and decide to be enemies with everyone, all in the name of beef and musical supremacy. It all started as an advice to Prezzo, as Jaguar claims and it has ended up rounding up everyone, as long as you differ with Jaguar. Well, Prezzo got to the Kenyan Industry with flair, he moved and shook the industry, added flavour to the boring showbiz in Kenya which was all about music and accidents. he brought with him a new look into Kenya’s showbiz, something we only saw and envied on TV. The money he spent/ spends might not be his or might be his mothers, but who cares? It is his life and he has adopted to that. Jaguar on the other hand has a million and one stories on how he got where he is. All that monotony of being a mechanic and stuff. Word has it that Jaguar, who claims to run a business empire that no other artist in Kenya can match, is actually a renegade in his family. All his siblings, or most of them are said to be living in the States and are behind everything he claims to be his. There might be some truth in this, looking at it in a different angle, How much does Jaguar charge per performance and where does he perform? It would be foolish to think that the periodical shows he does in Garissa, Bungoma, Meru and all those small towns around Kenya are responsible for his called empire…! If he is the sole signatory to all the accounts he claims, why did he confess to a fellow artist that he doesn’t spend any single shilling on clothes? That his brother, or whoever that is sends him all the latest arrivals in the US showbiz. If you rely on other people to send you clothes from abroad, how the hell can you manage to buy houses, cars and all that he claims he has if you are not involved in an unknown shoddy business? Get me right here, I’m not defending Prezzo, but I think Jaguar is also a mere show off and they should both shut up and enjoy their family property with peace! Jaguar should restrain from dragging other artists who have struggled so hard to be what they are today in their mess. Why must he always mention other artists whenever he is asked about their beef with Prezzo? Not Ringtone, G-kon, Nameless etc. Prezzo too should stop answering Jaguar, just like he has tried to downplay the whole beef and concentrate whatever it is he is involved in, family business or music!


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