Ogopa Deejays might have been among the country’s pioneer music producer and promoters, actually they are famed for bringing the Kenyan Music industry to its feet. With the who is who in the Showbiz industry having hard a stint at the stable. Nameless, Wahu, Amani, Big pin, E-sir, Kleptomaniax, name then all passed through Ogopa.

However, the lattest trend being adopted by the stable is nothing but a waste to the Kenyan Industry. I was at Ogopa Studios four months ago shooting a video for Makadem, it is sad to note that the video is still stuck at the studio with excuse after excuse coming in as reasons for the delay. It is sad to note that the video was for a world cup song. With nine days to go before the world centres focus on South Africa, Makadem is still chasing a video he shot well over a hundred days ago! How do you explain such a situation? Is that supposed to be a calculated move to derail the video and lock out Makadem from being part of a world fiesta of is it just another Ogopa laxity?

If you thought Makadem is alone, you are forgiven, Sheilla Mwanyigha aka Nikki is also up in arms and has been quoted in the local press urging Ogopa to release a video she shot with the stable three months ago. With all dues paid, why is Ogopa holding artists’ videos? And is this happening to all artists or the few artists who are a competition to the many artists still under the stable?

Your Guess is as good as mine!



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