WHY WE SHOULD ALL VOTE NO: By Cyprian Nyamwamu

At a time when ALL political parties are IN government except KADDU, when God has made it possible for this nation to be united in facilitating a process of making a just and democratic constitution, we seem to have missed the significance of NOW. This moment shall never, never repeat itself in history. in fact it … See More has come to be because of extra-ordinary circumstances that led to the National Accord Framework. The NO side especially Bishops seem to miss this opportunity. And as much as your heart is engaged, your brain too must be engaged. 

Ann Njogu has recently said that we are NOT making this constitution to take us heaven, but to save ourselves from hell. Like the hell we witnessed in the 2007/8 chaos. Ruto and Jirongo are saying that we are hurrying to make a bad constitution. And some people are believing this criminal utterances. 47 years later, more than 4 trillion shillings lost in war, clashes, Anglo leasing, Golden berg, thousand killed, jailed, harmed looking for a new democratic constitution is what Ruto calls “we are in a hurry”. And he is left to utter those words. When Moi threw me and 71 others in to Kamiti for holding a meeting on Kenyatta day and calling the day Mashujaa day, William Ruto was a minister in the office of the President. He is now the great defender of rights and the statesman who wants Kenya to be saved from Human rights lawyers and great Philosphers like Willy Mutunga, Yash Ghai, Wangari Maathai, Oginga Odinga, and Timothy Njoya. Oh great saviour of Kenya, William Ruto! Great saviour Gerry Kibarabara, Great leader Cardinal Njue, Great defender of human rights Daniel Moi! There is even defender of our economy called Chris Foott who heads an association called Land owners association. As if my Father is not a Land Owner. These guys want me to entrust the future of our children to them, and not Hussein Khalid, Ole Sena or Njeri Kabeberi!

The beauty of democracy is that a whole population can mislead itself and years later regain its reason and do the right thing. Priests, Princes and Philosophers of every nation and society must play their roles. Currently I see that we have surrendered our role of philosophy to non-philosophers.To christian lawyers who want to shout every one out of the conversation. 

On Wednesday May 26, 2010 night I was on Louis Otieno’s show on K24. A lawyer (who leads the Christian lawyers association – what could this association be for?) demanded that since Kenya is a secular state ( Kenya is not a secular state) and since there is separation of religion and state, Kadhi’s courts should be abolished since they elevate one religion and encourage the separate development of one religion (Islam) over others. This is the core of the contention in the Kadhi’s courts fireball that has become the squirrel as we chase the antelope. 

But then one must NOT have his cake and eat it. So we should all vote ‘NO’ so that we make a constitution that establishes a secular state proper and that separates state from religion vizuri kabisa; so that nothing is done with my taxes that promotes a religion or that is governed by a non state institution; 
i. All Christian schools should employ their own teachers and pay for them. Not by taxes paid for by Muslims and atheists, Hindus, Budhists and all others. Unfortunately my sister is a principal of one of the schools sponsored by the Catholic Church so I know how painful this is. 
ii. Christian sponsored hospitals should pay for the nurses and personnel in those hospitals. 
iii. The chaplain of the military (Bishop Rotich Alfred) and the chaplain of police and other disciplined forces (Bishop Anyolo) should be withdrawn immediately. Those chaplains in universities and colleges should be withdrawn too.
iv. Saturday and Sunday should become working days so that Christians like Muslims also go to church during lunch hour for an hour on Saturday or Sunday like Muslims do on Friday. No special treatment please.
v. Gay rights should be recognized and same sex unions should be solemnized at the AG’s all over Kenya from tomorrow. Yes, that is what happens in secular states like South African that the Christian Lawyers (sic) quote so enthusiastically. In fact this is the way to go now that we are at it. 
vi. Prayers at the start of parliamentary and other public functions should be stopped. 
vii. The oaths of office for all public officials should be amended so that allegiance is to the constitution. No mention of God.
viii. In courts of law- No Bible, No Quran. 
ix. Let’s amend our Anthem because some of us are atheist and the God we refer to in the verse is offensive to some of our brothers and sisters. 
x. This Biashara of stopping women from going for elective abortion should stop. Women should not procure abortions only because their health and life is in danger but because such a pregnancy is socially untenable in their development. 
If my Bishops who have run an institution that has existed since Peter, some 2,000 years ago and who have world renown institutions to inform their philosophical basis of priesthood are now relying on the Mwaura Wahiga’s of this city to advise them on the meaning of ‘religious courts’ and ‘discrimination’, then they should be prepared to take responsibility of this factionalism and tearing of the fabric of my nation. So that, Bishop Sulumeti, a holder of Phd. In Law can not allow catholic Bishops to publish the kind of statements and letters that we have seen from and yet escape the judgment that history hands men and women who have been given distinguished status amongst the community.

If we are in the mood to mess up the nation then us do it properly. Let us miss the point of why we wanted a new constitution and now discuss the issue of morality and religiosity in the constructing of the state but do it properly. I am ready for this conversation. 

We can not surrender the stewardship of our nation to crazy commercial activists who clothe themselves in religious fervency. The princes of the republic know that Kenya needs a new settlement. The Philosophers have told them and us that Kadhi’s courts hurt no interests of our nation. The Priests have sort advice from NOT our philosophers but from sophists and Christian lawyers ( like the ones you see issuing statements at Ufungamano) – from some association formed for taking the nation in the wrong direction. The priests are now relying on people who shout out the philosophers. Bishops are listening to Christian lawyers and medics armed with propaganda in the name of some Abuja declarations and some power-point-scaremongering about how Kenya is about to be consumed under Sharia law.

Some judges seized by this new found religious movements then come to us with crazy rulings where they assert that Kadhi’s courts are ‘religious courts’, cause parts of the constitution to become inconsistent with other parts and parts become unconstitutional; and imagining they then agree with an argument that Muslims were going to remain enclaved in some 10 miles strip down in the coast forever without telling our nation that the current constitution was indeed enacted as Act 5 of 1969 after many amendments. As if they do not know about fair administration and access to justice which is the basis of having courts. 

Now that it has come to this, Let us vote NO and then make a constitution to establish the Secular state and NOT our religiously neutral state. Alleluyha


4 thoughts on “WHY WE SHOULD ALL VOTE NO: By Cyprian Nyamwamu

  1. Amen! My brother. Its a pity I never got to read your blog before the referendum. It would have made good reading and I would have been only too glad to have a number of my friends and relatives who simply did not seem to get the point or reason for the search for a new constitution. Fortunately for the majority of Kenyans, we have lived to see the re-birth of Kenya, a new and brighter Kenya. God Bless Kenya and God Bless our people!

    • Kate, karibu. This blog is not mine. It is ours… You, Me and All those who visit it. Don’t hesitate to check it out now and then and leave a post or two. You can reach me on msanii09@ymail.com. If you have something you need to share, credits will always be given.

      God Bless Kenya!

    • Unfortunately Otuol, We all voted NO to the OLD RETROGRESSIVE LAWS and YES to A NEW BEGINNING. Hope you did the right thing.

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