There has been an issue with ACTORS in town. They have of late come out to voice their concerns on the future of the industry, with emphasize on their rights, mostly on pay issues. This has seen ‘us’ being shunned and in our place, a new breed of “actors” have been “identified” thanks to the emergence and mushrooming of the numerous “Modeling and Casting Agencies”. Today, whenever an acting job is rumored anywhere on planet Nairobi, you will be shocked by the number of “pretty faced acting wannabes” you will meet.

The trend is gaining momentum fast and catching up with the local TV programming. I’m known to be blunt, I don’t need to beat around the bush. That program on KTN on Tuesday Nights, “Changing Times” leads the pack with “pretty” actors. Despite the fact that the program quality is fighting for recognition, the program has lost it in their quest to have all actors “adorable”.

It’s true women have a thing for “pointy” guys. I have a million and one friends who will die to lay a .5 dude. As a matter of fact, “ponties” make them make them wet on site. Allowed. I also know of a million plus jamas, who will do anything to lay light skinned women. It is pity that 98% of light skinned women are not beautiful, they are only “attractive” and only happen to draw attention.

Anyway, “Changing Times” happens to have those facts in mind. They really know how to fight for audience with the no longer so interesting “Tahidi High” as well as trying to sway thoughts from “Higher Learning” aka “That Dark Program on NTV”. However, there is so much lacking in the story-line. It has become stale and too cliché with the plot out of order. You no longer know if the program is still a family drama, a university drama or any drama if there was any at all.  The acting is so “underground” that you fail to understand the role of the casting agent with glaring irrelevant off script add lib with poorly done in script product placements among other things.

I’m not against anyone I’m just saying, an good actor knows how to “regulate” a script. We “good actors” will talk a director into omitting some nonsense. A good actor will not sit down and “read through” the script with cameras rolling without minding what he is saying. Whether it is a reality or maybe adoptable in real life. A good actor will seek advice from the Director on Movement and Blocking. They just wont make moves on set simply because they have been told to do so. They are conscious on the relationship between the character they are playing and themselves in real life.

God… whoever told some kids out there that ACTING is a PASS TIME JOB, where you come while you wait for you DAD to bribe someone to have you check into some University, should be taken to jail. We take our job seriously, that is why I don’t mind being BLACKLISTED by some QUACK PRODUCTION HOUSES coz I believe that someday, the effort will pay up and my daughter will get a better industry than the one I inherited.

In the meantime, someone, Kindly Tell Jennifer Gatero and Phil Bresson and INSIGNIA that PRETTY IS NEVER A SUBSTITUTE FOR GOOD… IN ACTING!



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