Well, by now everyone knows that I was a guest of the state for about seven (7) hours with my lodge being Kilimani Police Station… This is what the experience was like, or rather, here is a simple run down of events that led to my state visit.

Thursday 5th July 14:23HRS (Or There About)

I’m from The Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) on 14 Riverside for a short meeting with the CEO Mr. George Onyango. I’m on my way to Westalnds where I have to see on Mr. Evans Gor Semelang’o at his office as well as talk to the Editor of The Truth Weekly Newspaper Mr. Henry on the now infamous, Kenya Film Commission saga.

My phone rings somewhere along the way and I’m informed that team at The Kenya Film Commission, would be reviewing our deliverables later on in the afternoon, however, my DVD has some scratch on it due to a “probable mishandling” during a change of office for the Head of Programmes so I’m requested to drop another copy… Unfortunately, with my schedule coz I still needed to meet fellow Filmmarker Gitura Kamau and headfor another “business chat” with one Jane Awuor at her office, I won’t be able to drop the requested copy. I promise to do that the next day….


Friday 6th July 2012 13:16 HRS

After my few runs up and down trying to get hold ofcash to buy my daughter a NOKIA ASHA PINK which is needed with immediate effect, never mind I was told about the same this morning… I strall into Jumia Place on Lenana Road with an envelope in my hand a a DVD inside with some other paper work. I walk up the stairs of Jumuia Place II to the second floor office of The Kenya Film Commission. Ms. Irene Cege is in and it takes less than a minute for me to be ushered in.

A slight tate-a-tate with Ms. Cege discussing nothing and everything then we settle down to business. As we start the review to make sure what DVD was damaged, I receive a few text messages and three phone calls from Mr. Kent Libiso, Jane Awuor and Gitura Kamau. I promise all of them that I would call them back “shortly”. At this point. I start noticing a strange form of movement within the office. The officemessenger comes to say “hi” in passing and tries to signal me. He paces up and down then Mr. Dennis Ratemo walks to Irene’s desk and says “hi” then walks back to his office where he doesn’t spend a minute before walking out with a newspaper…

13:45(or there about)

Two men walk into the commission offices, everyone looks at them with those eyes that sends a message that they might not be very very very very welcome here. They walk to the CEOs office. Less than a minute later, the CEOs Secretary/PA Ms. Pauline Muthoni comes to say “hi” too. Never mind, the “hi” aretoo many. I tend to undertand why. It takes real metallic balls to expose a curroption in an institution and still walk into the same office and sit there very comfortably… Hehehe. Crazy.

Just Ms. Muthoni walks back to her office, The CEO Mr. Peter Mutie Munywoki, with the two men who went to his officeearlier come out. He say “hi” to me very jovial.

“Ah… Roy, sema bwana” Mr. Mutie

“Poa sana” I retort as I stand up to shake his hands.

“Umetutembelea?” Mr. Mutie

“Kidogo, I was dropping this DVD here, now that the other one was apparently mishandled… Hehehe” I reply seating down.

At this point, the two men, one with a berge trouser and brown leather jacket “na sura ya example” has gone behind me and picked my phones from Irenes desk. The other one, well dressed in a really nicefitting well laundered suit introduces/identifys himself.

“Kijana, unaitwa nani?”

“Kohadha Roy Ogolla”

“Ah, sasa, sis ni maafisa wa CID, tunatoka hapa Kilimani PoliceStation, hebu twende kwa ofisi yetu tuongee kidogo… Are you ready”

As you can see, I’m working on something her so I’m not ready. Two, can I have my phones…?”

They decline to give me back my phones but are well mannered enough to allow me finish with Irene. Afterwhich we walk out of the office, down the stairs to a waiting taxi. Off we go to Kilimani Policestation. I’m taken to the CID offices and told to sit down, the officer with “Sura ya Example” is still holding on to my phone and my envelope. The other one tries to engage me an “off the reocrd” chat which I decline. He informs his colleague to “pigai CEO bwana akuje tumalize hii maneno” His colleagues makes a phone call and walks out of the office.

14:12 HRS (or there about)

The CEO comes in, the two officers meet him across the officeand they walk out for a few minutes. The well dressed officer comes back for some two plain papers and they usher him in to another office, they emerge after about 10 minutes with a red file and the “Sura ya Example” officer walks the CEO out as they chat happily. I follow them to request for my phone but to my shock, “they are under instructions” not to give me back my phones.


The “Sura ya Example” officer comes back and demands for my ID. To this far, I have not been told anything and I willfully decline to give my ID quoting my “small law”. On the papers he had, he already has something that look like a statement with my full names and phone number. So I tell him if he need my IDnumber, I can give it to him. I do and he notes it down. I make a last attempt to get my phones back.

“Kijana, simu zako utapata, as at now, ni exhibit”

“Afande, si umpatie hiyo ingine, we only need the one with the number tumeandika hapa”

“Hapana, imesemekana tusimpatie, huku kijana ni jeuri atapigia watu simu hapa saa hii”

I smile and lean back on my seat. One other officer who has been here all along and seems to be earger to know what is going on tries to engage me in a chat I silently smile back at his question and he goes on with his paper work… “Sura ya Example” tells me to follow him, we are now going to the main building and I know the drill, I go behind the bars as he book me in with some hurry, he forgets to give orders for me to be put in and the office at the OB asks me what I’m doing there and I innocently inform him that I’m very very very very unaware… He tells me to move back and as I walk towardsthe cells’ door, I meet an officer who I have had one or two encounters with and he goes like

“Msanii, unafanya nini huku?” He pulls me back and after explaining to him what has transpired, he aggrees to allow me the use of his phone to make a few phone calls… I call Gitura Kamau, Riche Mwendwa, Dan Okello and send texts to a host opf others. That phase done with, I’m told to toa mshipi and viatu but before that, the officer gets to study my booking, phone calls start coming in… Githuku is calling, others flow in like nothing so I’ve enough time to evade the cell. Till Sam Kihiu came and all the others followed.

The officer overhelmed at the number of people “wanting to see me” decides to explain to me and the others my charge. “Improper Use Of Communication… Hii inamaanisha ulitumia mtu message, email, ama ulipigia mtu simu na hakufurahia kitu ulimwambia”. I get to know my chatge for the first time. It is now around 3.30 p.m.

The word is alread out there, the social media is awash with it, my few human rights friends pick it up and within no minute, K24 is here. Danger. The Director of CID has made a phone call to the DCIO, courtsey of a call made to him by another friend Mr. Gor Evans Semelang’o.

All over sudden, everyone in the CID office has “an out of office” engagment. By the time Mr. Kent Libiso and crew arrives, he calls Dr. Bonny Khalwale and Iddi Achieng’ is making phone calls to Betty Murungi and Dan Okello just sent a text that is on his way the whole station is in disarray. The OCS goes for an urgent event.

It is heading to 7.00 pm. My bail has been estimated at 10,00/= and that is promtly availed by the over 30 people at the station. However, I’ve to wait till 8.00 pm to walk free coz the OCS who is the only person authorized to issue cash bails is out of the office till then. I’m finally out. Headto a more free world, my second home… The Kenya National Theatre, Wasanii where a whole industry is waiting… I walk in to a small celebration and cold whitecaps starts to flow.

Then Eng. Buka and Wachira “Mamluki” come in panting, they have just arrived here after going to Kilimani Police Station where they found out that I’ve been released. My release travels fast and in less than an our my friend and comrade in struggle, Dennis Ole Itumbi, finds time off his busy schedule tyo join me for a chat at Wasanii. I finaly get to hand him over the documents I have and we pat ways.


Buka is in a celebration mood and as much as we are trying to strategize for Monday 19th July, I’m supposed to be in court at Kibera at 8.30 a.m. we agree tpo drink first and discuss that later. Well, it is now 0000 HRS. we arein yet another day and “for my security” I will not be heading to Runda Kariobangi South Branch tonight… I’m currently putting up in a small hideout in one of the Nairobi Leafy Suburbs…

I’m indebted to all of you guys who accorded the much needed support, on facebook, on twitter, on the mainstream media.. Thanks. I can’t mention all your names coz we will end up with yet another article all together, but accept my appreciation.





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  2. Roy, its seems like a wonderful script to me.

    Write it down, and we’ll ask the Film Commission to avail some funds. I don’t think they’d deny you…..

  3. Thanks for blogging, glad to have you back! I was very glad to hear you got out.

    Social media is quite powerful, yes. But I believe getting you out was only getting back to zero, from -ve territory. When the powers that be at Kenya Film Commission are charged in court, then I will believe that social media has real power.

    God bless Kenya, and those of her sons and daughters who refuse to remain silent about the ills that face her.

  4. Wuod Ogolla, that was a bad experience very bad could Arrohead say that was a mistake or should we simply simpathise and say ‘next time remember to carry your Ideos kijana wa UK’

  5. Kohadha, I told you am still yet to come to terms with all that you said about KFC. This article here only serves to confuse me the more. it reminds me of pieces written by the likes of Wahome about the kenyan state of politics in the early 90’s. I don’t know how much of it to believe…or if I should believe it in the first place. But, I share in your pain and anguish. I admire your courage and resilience. I hope that’s the last you are accorded such ‘stately”treatment.

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