“PEELING BACK THE MASK” Miguna Threatens Law Suit.

I received this email earlier today from Miguna Miguna or someone who claims to be him:

“You have criminally infringed on my copyright and criminally downloaded and distributed my book on PDF by email to a group of friends without legal authority. This, I understand, followed a post on your facebook “wall” calling on anyone who wanted the book to send you their email address, a post that receiv…ed almost 300 comments. You are hereby directed to delete/expunge all records of the PDF files of my book ‘Peeling Back the Mask’ and delete/remove/block all the URL postings and links you have created forthwith! Miguna Miguna, Toronto, July 20th, 2012″


“Dear Miguna Miguna, when I bought a copy of your book “Peeling Back The Mask” on-line, I was never given terms and condition on whether I could or could not share it with my friends and anyone else who was interested in reading the book. Just like a library, once a book is on the shelves, you cannot control who reads it or how many people have access to it. For that reason, kindly do your worst. I will be waiting for your official suit notice. Thank you… Kohadha Roy Ogolla”

This happens shortly after word came out that Miguna Miguna had threatened to sue the nation Media Group with a law suit over the leakage of the e-copy (the pdf version) of the book. Miguna said that he would take legal action against the media house for what he said was violation of both the serialisation agreement and copyright.

“The only good thing is that the version they are peddling is not exactly the same; it has no pictures, the cover and obviously no index, which will come from the reprints,” he said in an email.

It is my understanding that Miguna Miguna has also sent the same threat to few other people including my fellow blogger and friend Robert Alai and BidiiAfrika.

What can we say? Come Miguna Come, BringIt on Baby…!


12 thoughts on ““PEELING BACK THE MASK” Miguna Threatens Law Suit.

  1. jkohadha Miguna is suffering from what we call misplaced agression.Send me the book sibuor arito kajing kabisa

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