By now, it is very evident that most people know the name Wasanii Restaurant. Well for the purposes of those who are not aware, Wasanii Restaurant is a restaurant and bar located at The Kenya Cultural Centre/ Kenya National Theater, Nairobi. This is the only restaurant in Kenya where you will find the who is who in the country’s Creative minds. This is a second home and an obvious “local joint” for anyone who has some roots in the arts and culture industry in Kenya.

At Wasanii, you will find the Honorable Member of parliament having his matumbo ugali at a corner, as was synonymous with former government chief whip George Thuo aka Georgy. It is here that you wouldn’t be shocked to see a down to earth Carolyne Mutoko at a corner with her clown workmate/employee Jalango having a meal of Kuku wet fry. It is in this space that you will never need to pay to meet all the celebs in this country. From your musicians to actors, to professors to radio personalities,television heartthrobs, name it… Wasanii is/has been the space where 90% of what this country consumes as far as creativity is concerned is mooted, planned, executed and served to you as a normal Kenyan. It is no doubt the only place where Karaoke nights have a no definate end and the only space in town that everyone feels free and open to do all the crazy things that they believe they ought to do and no one will mind it coz “what happens at Wasanii, remains at Wasanii”.

That has been the story of Wasanii, as the name suggest, it has been a true hub for “Wasanii” until Thursday 26th July 2012 at around/about 2.00 p.m when a group of youths invaded the premise courtesy of an auctioneer and made away with everything… literally. Any movable assets were carried shoulder high as the order was being actualized. It was a great shock to the creatives who were already watering their holes with some frothy stuff at the premise. Some of them had to contend with the fact that whatever was on their table was the last that they were having of the restaurant (at least for now). Not knowing how to react, they all kept silent as they watched the drama unfold, with no sounds allowed to come out of the mouth… It was to say the leas, embarrassing….

It later emerged that the premises had been auctioneered by The Kenya Cultural Centre Management headed by Aghan Odero Agan, The Director of the centre and an accomplished artist by his own right over an accumulated debt in rent arrears amounting to a total 700,000/=.

Creatives are still asking themselves so many questions hoping that they will find answers and as that goes on, they hope that they will wake up soonest and find their home operating…

The big question is, WHAT WENT WRONG???


5 thoughts on “WASANII RESTAURANT: What Went Wrong

  1. maybe it is high time that the centre was owned by artists…i propose a meeting of poets, songsters, actors, etc…to determine purchase and ownership and subsequent management of wasanii, as a cooperatively held enterprise…to this end, services of Omole Booker, and Wachira Benedict, themselves accomplished businessmen, will be very relevant…

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