Henry Fielding once said that “Guilt has very quick ears to an accusation”. I guess this is very true owing to the current situation I’m in. This is the very first time I’m informing anyone and everyone that MY LIFE IS IN DANGER. I’m serious about this. 

Lat evening, 11th August 2012 at around 11.00 pm, I was at a hangout joint in one of Nairobi Suburbs with some of Kenya’s top honchos. As usual, where people from my ethnic community are, there is bound to be lots of noise and quite an interesting discussion… Whether a rumour or a fact. This night was not going to be different and as time passed and alcohol flowed, politics took centrestage and that is where the doors to “serious” gossip ensured. I was kinda happy coz for the first time I was a midst a group of “The Lakeside Folks” not talking Raila Odinga in their politics but discussing County Politics and their involvement in it.

The discussion narrowed down to Kisumu County politics and it is here that I heard one very outrageous “allegation” about a former MP from the county and the displeasure that his action in the recent past has caused both his friends and enemies alike. The social geek I’m, my BlackBerry Storm 9500 quickly found it’s way to my palms and very first, my fingers were doing the job that pays my bills. So at around midnight  or just a few minutes after that I posted the following status on my facebook and twitter pages:

“If the rumours are true that a former Kisumu Town MP has offlate developed an intimate relationship with the Late Musa Juma’s widow then he must be very ashamed of himself. This guy was the committee chair for Musa’s Funeral and was co-MC at the burial… Hapana Bwana. Mano raaach.”

Generally, I took lots of caution not to mention names but as it is always said, “Guilt is the price we pay willingly for doing what we are going to do anyway” the Former MP for Kisumu Town Eas one Mr. Eric Gor Sungu  has come out guns blazing and wrote a comment to my post earlier today which reads:

“Omera, i dont know u personally, but it is very wrong to scandalise pipo without facts. Kata ka iparo ni inyalo ketho nying ngato endkaka ihero nekech in e facebook, u beta know i can trace u and deal with u legally. Is it wrong to stand for a friend, and musa was more than just a friend, when he has fallen. All i deed was to help organise musa funeral. Thanks to pipo like u, i dont even know how vicky, the late maestros dota is doing. I cant even help them becoz of pipo like u. The late was my guest in my home in ksm one week before he passed on. He was in a bad state. He wanted help and i did my duty and even drove him to msa. When he was ill i tuk him to hospital. Becose of my name, msa hosp admitted him on my guarantee without payment. He died whilst i was going bavk t nai. I had t rush back t msa t org harambee for bills etc and eventually all etc till it wrong to do that for a friend even if he had a young beautiful, wife? I hv a young beatuful wife and family. These romours started by those who are still fighting me even up to now over the ouko matter hv hurt me. By extending these. ?..u have extended the suffering to me and mj family, what do u gain personally gain out of it. Pipo hv said this without facts annonimously….but u are now traseable. Forgive the spelling but u must now apologise to me otherwise u will pay for this. I finally got the source of these one sleepless night! Joy find me this man!”

He further stated that “My no is 0722 753 155. You are now an enemy. U kook young and perhaps u have a gud carreer. Whatever drove u t write such a comment on facebuk? Get in touch an apologise pse otherwise i will now dedicate my time to fighting you!”
It has come to my knowledge that Mr. Sungu has gotten in touch with a mutual friend by the name Carolyynne Joy Olonde requesting for more information about me. He says that I have scandalized him and that I need to be taught a lesson. Well, How extraordinary it is that one feels most guilt about the sins one is unable to commit. I believe that guilt is punishing one’s self before God can punish them. Peter McWilliamms puts it in a more elaborate and easy to understand manner “Guilt is anger directed at ourselves – at what we did or did not do. Resentment is anger directed at others – at what they did or did not do” 
What Mr. Sungu has done is just to put more questions to this matter by his own admission that the rumour alluded to in my ealier post has been on going and is perpetuated by his enemies both known and unknown to him. He also puts himself in a precarious position of explaining why he thinks/though that the above mentioned was him in the first place. Kisumu Town has two constituencies and both have never had lifetime MPs.
Following the recent occurrences in my life, I do not take slights what Mr. Sungu wrote, him putting me in his “top enemies” list is in itself a threat to my life hence I have reported the matter to Buru Buru Police Station OB 23/12/8/12 AT 0850HRS. Giving the police a print-out of the entire conversation on facebook on
I have decided to share this with the world so that incase anything ahppens, you will all be in the picture of what might have led to it’s occurrence.
But I think I can sincerely declare that I cheerfully submit myself to every odious name for conscience’ sake; and from my soul I despise all those whose guilt, malice, or folly has made them my foes.


  1. this is some thing that is not expected from a normal human being . taking such a crucial allegation on one’s back without surerity whether fact or not . i hope u are afmiliar with memes theory it could broaden brain wallowing domain.

  2. You must have been reckless and thoughtless in posting such a statement. There is nothing wrong with taking care of the widow. I think you demonised a good gesture. It is better to offer aplologies and get on. weda

  3. You seem to have a problem of wanting your post to pick up by stirring up rumours without basis. I spoke to both Eric and Winnie when I heard this last year and you should have done the same before posting such a story. You seriously owe both Eric and Winnie an apology openly as you have openly participated in tarnishing their names even further.

  4. As much as I am with you on disseminating information, whatever you posted was a baseless rumour. I don’t think you can back it up in a court of law. Go ahead and apologise.

  5. l am hoping that someone will take you to court,so that you can get some lessons,am hoping Hon.Gor will not let you free like Mr.Mutie of Kenya Film Commission or M/s Matiba. or Aghan of KNT…..seriously you need to grow up…you being taken again to police for a statement will serve you good..

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