THE AIRTEL KENYA v STAFF (EMPLOYEES) SAGA: Spanco Outsorcing Communication

The staff (employees) of Airtel kenya were informed of the “new arrangement” between Airtel Kenya and Spanco Raps Kenya Limited in a letter signed by The Human resource Director, Mr. Pius Kasajja Wakabi on 19th January 2011.

On the same day, they were given employee handbooks and contracts and adviced to sign them withing 1O and return them to both Airtel and Spanco. Some of the employees refused to sign and were given very little options. This caused an outcry at Airtel and the media got wind of it. When the story broke out, Airtel decided to enter into a new arrangement with Spanco over the employment terms of its soon-to-be ex-employees…

The letter that informed the staff of the new arranged is attached bellow:

After the new agreement was reached at, Airtel went ahead to release its employees to Spanco Raps Kenya Limited. This was done through a letter referencedĀ  “Certificate of Service” on 28th January 2011 again signed by Mr. Pius Kasajja.

The “Certificate of Service” letter is copied below:

It is now emerging that Airtel Kenya and Spanco Raps kenya have both gone against the agreement and arrangements reached at before the transfer of employees.
The plot thickens…


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