If you thought that the Airtel and Spanco v Employees saga was over, then you need to thnk again. New information now reveals that Airtel Kenya has decided to add their employees bonuses ignoring their Customer Service guys. The CS crew has vowed to paralyze airtel operations next month is nothing is done.

in an email sent tom both Airtel and Spanco honchos and copied to other people including COTU, Ministry of Labour and Admin, the staff have decried this new spate of business. This comes even after Airtel requested for more time to address the issues raised in their suit notice letter sent to them by Rachier & Amolo Advocates on behalf of their staff.

Below is the new email communication…

Hi Guys i hope this finds you well.
Spancocites; it is obvious as per the silence that AIRTEL has issued her employees with bonus without considering us despite the abuses we get from customers supporting them. Airtel at the time of transition confirmed to everyone at Parkside that we will equally get bonus which we have painfully contributed toward but this is a confirmation that Manoj was taking us for a ride. As agreed we do not have the authority to force them to pay us bonus but we will give sarcastic “quality service” so that the bonus that have seen Airtel employees boasting to us is not there next time.
However we will give Manoj and Sunil till end of the month to be fair to us failure to which we will employ our tactics. We must make sure Spanco is not penalized but ensure that the service is down “go slow”. After all why help somebody get a bonus to boast for you and you don’t even get a single thing. From End month we will make sure we sort Airtel out. Remember a quote from one of the Airtel employees after they got the bonus “kazi kwa spanco, pesa kwa Airtel” meaning work to spanco and money to Airtel and truly we are working.
SPANCO has since issued letters of increment which has been a slap on the face with some getting below 500/= shilling. Nobody can understand that they wait for a whole year for an increment of as low as THAT. This is another burden that airtel will bear as dissatisfaction will directly be directed at the customers.
As IT IS IN THE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE THAT during the transition, permement staff who went for meetings at Panari and other meetings with Manoj, he was categorical stated that everyone has a grace period of 2 yrs within which THEY were allowed to go back to Airtel. It is without doubt that Airtel is employing and has never even thought of considering those who transitioned to spanco OR spanco employees another bitter confirmation that people were duped.
We are all in agreement that when Airtel came on board everybody at Parkside breathed a new life and we could sing the Airtel song at home and everywhere. Little did we know that care will be just another donkey without grass. Other thing that was noted is the pace at which Spanco is dishing out warning, suspensions and dismissal letters without a pay. According to Kenyan laws this is not right and a lawyer have been identified. His contacts will be sent to every staff so that in case you fall a victim of this act then legal action will follow.
This has been necessitated by SHAKTI OPEN REMARKS THAT SPANCO KENYA STAFF DO NOT HAVE MONEY THUS CANNOT AFFORD TO HIRE A LAWYER. After all Kenyans are boasting of a new constitution and we must enjoy it. Kenyan law provides that one must be put on permanent employment terms after 6 months which Spanco has abused. But let us continue doing our work and provide “sarcastic customer service” from next month if and when Airtel fails to address these pertinent issues including bonuses.
Another issue that was raised and is genuine is the fact that Kenyans were able to manage customer care from Director Job Njiru/Lucile to the call center agent and was always voted the best customer service in the country. We therefore have not seen any reason why Spanco has brought people like Ritwik, Shakti among others whose work is to intimidate employees to the point where Ritwik telling employees that their section do not generate revenue thus they should not have a salary review. IF all these positions were manned by Kenyans and we were performing, if we are to grow within spanco which positions are we going to take up???????
If Spanco have imported labor doing jobs that we were able to do as Kenyans. Randeed having taken over IT has made sure that we do not have proper tools of work by terminating some applications making us unable to serve customers the best way we were doing before. They intimidate to the extent that Shakti cancelled the police escort that was offered by Airtel and only reintroduced them after staff were attacked and one almost raped by the gangsters. Sad indeed.
The issue of ex-Airtel staff is left to the affected employees to seek Airtel intervention if necessary as they could be having some other issues that only affect them given that they were transitioned. it is rumoured that it has taken legal dimension as Airtel have refused to pay them their terminal due. This is literally stealing from poor Kenyans and it confirms why they have been deliberately deducting clients money via wrong billing.
We have an email from airtel by airtel C-CARE TEAM you telling us that we dont tell clients what happened regarding 3G wrong billing. we have listed over 10000 emails for postpaid customers and we will email them in due course so that they stop calling Spanco emplyees thiefs when we know it is Airtel.
Now that Spanco moves people from call center to back office and call it lateral movement without any pay I wonder why Airtel paid back office more money. How can you come to back office and do the same work with someone earning over 70k when you are earning 13k? And you are expected to retain customers, handle tech issues, adjust accounts, email them, manage all Airtel money complains, activate lines, do swaps where necessary and so many more. Airtel was not stupid to pay back office more money.
The question is “Is more reasonable to swap customers line with 200k and withdraw the whole amount than working for the same cash for two years?”
With rights to credit accounts I will not be wrong to get my bonus this way.
To CCK, Airtel recently deducted customers airtime regarding gprs billing and sent an email to us not to tell customers. We are now center of customers abuses where we earn abuses while Airtel earns bonus. We have customers asking for that email to launch complain to CCK and we have a list of affected customers and will send that email to them not later than 4th Sept 2012 so that they can abuse the right place. They need to stop calling us thieves when thieves are airtel and not spanco
Secondly it is confirmed that we have nothing in common with Airtel thus we are not obligated to use their services. They must understand that we are the friends, and relatives to the customers and we do bulk of the work taking the insults even when Airtel service has failed with mistake squarely with Airtel. “Since this cannot be appreciated we will just work for spanco and not Airtel”. We will surely prove to them that it is us who talk to the customers thus can decide wether they stay or leave the network.
After deliberations regarding the issues above. We noted that the following pple be made aware of what is happening; ministry of labor, ministry of immigration, COTU, media as they were there at transition, Airtel mgt, spanco mgt, sheerlogic and personnel and legal practitioner who have come forward to assist us whenever necessary as we do not want to hear later that “we were never aware of what is going on”. They all have been put in copy of this email. We are joining UNION and that is not secret. Aiortel must open a stand by call center incase we strike as will be advised by UNION if and when necessary. MIN of labor to confirm wether Indian labor are experts or are doing what kenyas were able to do before just by knowing excel only they come to abuse Kenyans.
The plot thickens. As promised, we will continue updating yopu on this matter until the final word is received

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