This is an open letter to DStv Kenya/Multichoice, by Ngash Mtrue. I find it really interesting and hilarious.

I’m writing this as an esteemed client for the last couple of years and I wish to state that the quality of programmes are way below my expectations. You have been repeating movies and documentaries at an amazing rate and still charging us exorbitant fees.

Last night on M-net Action, Con-Air was being screened for the 12th time in 40 days!!! I look at the comedy channel and there’s nothing to smile about. You are screening comedies that were the in thing in the early ’90s, way before Tupac’s death!!!

While I do understand that repetitions are a must in the pay TV business, you have taken to a whole new level. Matter of fact, apart from SuperSport, ESPN, BBC Knowledge and the Discoveries channels, everything else borders a fraud.

I honestly can’t wait for my subscription to expire so that I can join either Zuku or Starcom. Zuku are offering more channels than you, internet connection and a land line at a cheaper rate than your premium package. Starcom on the other hand are screening updated reality TV programmes like the Kardashians, Amazing Race etc.

They are also screening the latest flicks like Spiderman and Batman while you are busy feeding us Con-Air and Walker, the Texas ranger! Come on, you do realize that you are milking us dry and giving us substandard programmes. Could you please introduce a sports only package, SuperSports and ESPN or I jump ship.

I have figured that I can get quality pay TV from Starcom for Kshs. 500 per month and a one time connection fee of Kshs. 4,000 which I shall raise from the sale of my DSTV dish as scrap metal. Then, I shall be watching the EPL/La Liga games at my local pub where even if I consume four beers per game every weekend, it will be way below the Kshs. 6,900 you are charging me for substandard programmes and outdated movies.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Chuck Norris on my screen! Over to you DStv Kenya.

PS- I’m actually watching another repeat on the Universal Channel even as I type this letter!!!


5 thoughts on “OPEN LETTER TO DSTV/MULTICHOICE KENYA: Truly Hilarious

  1. i concur with the sentiment and complains above.especially for movie lovers,its a ripoff.i enjoy BBC k(TOP GEAR)SONY MAX and that’s it.surely they need to style up and fast.

  2. Hi I am equally suffering. I subscribed the week GTV closed and left with my money i.e. around 29/06/2009. Repeats are order of the day. Other CNN, BBC and Aljazeera, am caged with same items. Rgds George

  3. it is so boring and disappointing to tune to movie channels and they all repeats.pls gives us the latest cartoon,movies and series to get our money worth otherwise we’ve other providers to turn to.such as star times which is becoming very popular,do something pls.

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