BLOGGER DENNIS ITUMBI IN COURT: Released on a 100K Cash Bail

Blogger and Journalist Denniss Itumbi , this morning, Wednesday August 29th at 9.30 am, appeared in court at Milimani Law Courts. He is charged with Intercepting Data in a computer System Without Consent contrary to section 83(1) (b) (2) and Publishing a Depraving Electronic Material contrary to section 84(d) of the Kenya Communication Act 2009.

In a matter that was initially expected to be a civil case,  Itumbi was sued the Kenya Police on behalf of the public/the republic for allegedly hacking into, and leaking e-mail messages from the Jetlink Airlines. These e-mails are said to have contained information about negligence from the airline, claiming that they flew planes that had not been serviced.

He took an “Not Guilty’ plea and was released on a 100,000/= shillings cash bail with the mention of the case scheduled for 6th September 2012. He was accompanied by a host of friends including fellow blogger and social justice activist Roy Ogolla who is also facing similar charges at Kibera Law Courts over an article he did in early June exposing massive mismanagement of funds at The Kenya Film Commission.

The court was parked to capacity with a host of journalists from the various media houses who had come to cover the evnt as well as stand in solidarity with one of their own.

Itumbi and Ogolla vowed to see the cases facing them till the end after which they will embark on the campaign to have the some the articles in the retrogressive Kenya Communication Act 2009 ammended as they contravene the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Chapter 4 (Bill of Rights) Part 2 (Rights and Fundamental Freedons) Article 33, 34 & 35 (Freedom of Expression, Freedom of The Media, Access to Information). This they said will be done through massive public lobbying as well as the courts if every attempt to have the act amended are met with any goodwill from relevant authorities.

Well, what can we say, the struggle continues…


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