AIRTEL SAGA: Fraudulent /Irregular Data Bundles Billings

This will be very interesting for all those Airtel Kenya Subscribers who have been experiencing a few issues with Data Bundles.

From: Rose Kamau []
Sent: Friday, May 18, 2012 8:08 PM
To: Meenakshi Sil; Ritwik Ranjan Ray; Shakti Upadhyay; Jackson Machogu; Mary Wacuka; Alice Owuor; Dorothy Nyokabi; Elizabeth Kigotho; Nicholas Onyango
Cc: Job Njiru; Flociah Shallo; Glenn Otuoma; James Muiruri; Isaac Chibole; Benard Osii; Elizabeth Achieng’; Jaspas Orieko; CS Airtel KE

Good evening team,

You may have received complaints from customers of inflated data bills for the months of March and April 2012.

This is due to the difference in EDGE and 3G the billing mechanics;

  • EDGE/2G bills per 1kbps i.e. if you utilize 10kbps you are charged for 10kbps
  • 3G billing is rounded off to the next 100kbps e.g. if you utilize 20kbps, you will be charged for 100kbps

Business has reviewed the charging back to the EDGE/2G billing mechanics to avoid further bill shock to our customers.

As a good will gesture, we shall pass credit notes to customers who have lodged complaints on the same.  Please use the attached CR when raising a bill recalculation request with IBM.

The credit note process must be strictly adhered to – proper documentation and sign off is a must.

CAUTION: please do not disclose this information to customers; it should not be mentioned in any of your correspondence with customers.

Kind Regards,

Rose Kamau | Head of Service Recovery & Support | Airtel Kenya | S : (+254) 733 110 000 | D: (+254) 734 111 373 | M : (+254) 733 493 618 E:| Parkside Towers, Mombasa Road. P.O. Box 73146, City Square 00200, Nairobi Kenya |

After reading this, I called the author of this email, Mrs. Rose Kamua and Mr. Dick Omondi but non of them was reachable, I decided to send them an email to the same effect…

Dear Dick,

I have received a copy of the email that one, Rose Kamua Head of Service Recovery & Support, sent to your Customer Service reps, Spanco Raps Kenya Ltd on the above mentioned. This follows my investigations into the stand off between Airtel,
Spanco and a Section of your employees….

The truth is that the manner in which your billing for the months of March & April was fraudulent and irregular…

Your NB: whereby you warn the recipients of the email neither to disclose nor share the information makes it questionable.

Kindly call me as soon as possible to discuss the same as I need to go on print by FRIDAY. I write for THE TRUTH WEEKLY NEWSPAPER & THE KENYAN ARTIVIST BLOG. I await your communication.


I still await that communication till today.

Information reaching us however is that the staff at Airtel Kenya Call Centre have made good there threats of paralyzing the company’s services and are currently on a strike…


3 thoughts on “AIRTEL SAGA: Fraudulent /Irregular Data Bundles Billings

  1. Good on you for exposing this nonsense. I have been fighting with them since April when my data charges spiked 300%, finally forced to pay in Aug. I have copied this and written back to them furious.

  2. Does that mean its wise not to get a Zain moderm.?I have come across this wen I was trying to know which is the best internet provider.

    • Really hope this is not their way of making profit, Thanks for exposing this especially since you can’t get this information on their amateur website, they are a step away from being sued.
      We’ve been ripped off all year

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