CONTROVERSY GALORE: The Other Side of Pilsner Lager Relaunch

The biggest event of the week in the entertainment circles  was the Pilsner Lager Official Relaunch which was hosted by Trublaq Entertainment at Prestige Plaza, Ngong’ Road on Thursday Night. The event that saw rejuvenated Kenya’s rapper Prezzo “officially” unveil the “The New Look Pilsner Bottle” in a stunt that would have put Wycliffe Jean to shame was full to capacity with party lovers drawn from across the divide joining the moment.

The event which had an almost above per organization however did not end without controversy.

First, Abbas and Bamboo joined Prezzo on stage while the One Ambassador was almost winding up and attempted to do a song but the organizers held on the microphone s forcing the two artists to shift microphones between them to psych up the crowd with freestyle rhymes from both their released and yet to leave the studio songs.

Then came the moment at the VIP where radio presenter Roy Karhuwize was manhandled by G4S bouncers for requesting a drink “when the bar had been closed”. The scuffle that ensured between the opinionated radio host and the bouncer saw justification after another from both parties… It was however ironical that the whole scenario took place in front of the Pilsner Ice Brand Manager and other EABL top brass, who did nothing to quell the situation.

The crowning moment though came when two top artists associated with gangster rap “fungad” a Johnnie Walker Green Label full bottle taking advantage of the Roy v Bouncers confusion to exercise their kleptomaniac talent. The situation got worse when the supervisor of the catering unit vowed to deal with his team for the loss of the scotch whiskey. Having witnessed the moment that the “celebs” made away with the drink, our official photographer came to the rescue of the waiter by “exposing” the celebs that had long gone.

Rappers Abbas(L) and Bamboo(R) joined by MC Budha Blaze(C)


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