MIGUNA FOR NAIROBI GOVERNORSHIP: Publicity Stunt or Serious Contender

Controversial former adviser to Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Miguna Miguna has plunged into the murky political waters by declaring that he will vie for the Nairobi governorship in the March 2013 race.

Miguna has been in the news of late for both good and bad reasons after his fame rose to the new all time after he released a book that claimed Raila Odinga is corrupt and an incompetent leader incapable of governing the country months after he was suspended and eventually sacked as the PM’s Adviser on Coalition Affairs.

Miguna made the announcement while on an interview on Capital Talk or simply “The Bench” on K24 TV hosted by Jeff Koinange. He later released to the world and his would be voters in Nairobi County a ten pointer program that he hopes will help him convince the metropolitan voters to elect him as the first governor of the City.

Top in his agenda is tackling the unemployment rate, especially among the youth. He also said that he will proactively and systematically instituting and implementing systems aimed at eliminating corruption. Miguna also believes that Rehabilitating existing roads and rail systems and building new light rail mass transit routes, a subway system and a public bus system will address the city’s transport problem and also promises to construct a viable solid waste management for the city.

The author of the infamous book, “Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya” joins a race that will see him square it out with other contestants who had already declared their interest in being the first elected as former Mumias Sugar MD, Evans Kidero, Business Magnet Jimnah Mbaru, Embakasi MP Fedindard Waititu, Former Town Clerk Philip Kisia and NCBDA Chairperson Timothy Mwaura.

His announcement was met with mixed reactions with some dismissing him outright as a publicity seeker while others offered more than words of encouragement amid the ridicule the announcement caused mostly on social media networks…

Well, you knew Miguna the Barrister, the Advisor, the Author but now, it is time you braced yourself  Miguna Miguna the politician and probably Governor Miguna come March 6th 2012.


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