MIGUNA MIGUNA: 10 Reasons Why You Should Vote Me as Governor

I have today announced my candidature for the position of Governor for the Nairobi County in the 2013 general elections. I will be contesting as an independent bipartisan candidate.

On September 1st, 2012, I delivered my resignation as an ODM life member to the Secretary General of the party, Hon. (Prof.) Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o and copied the same to the Registrar of Political Parties, as required by law.

My candidature is premised on:

1.         Tackling the unemployment rate, especially among the youth, which shamefully stand at 65% by creating opportunities through increased, efficient and accountable revenue collection, the initiation of massive infrastructural development and effective and skills-oriented youth training and employment programs.

2.         Proactively and systematically instituting and implementing systems aimed at eliminating grand corruption that siphons more than 60% of the DGP thereby releasing the recovered funds and those saved from theft for employment and other development initiatives.

3.         Constructing the largest solid waste management system in Africa. We will build modern sewers, collect and incinerate garbage, initiate aggressive beautification programs by reserving spaces for public parks and recreational facilities throughout the county.

4.         Rehabilitating existing roads and rail systems and building new light rail mass transit routes, a subway system and a public bus system in order to address the transportation gridlock in the county.

5.         We will significantly lower the crime rate through aggressive community policing, intense intelligence gathering, and more focused and well-trained and professional County Security service; and by sharing intelligence with other law enforcement agencies and by creating safety through more employment opportunities and accelerated infrastructural development for the youth. We aim to reduce the rate of armed robberies by 70%, homicides by more than 80% and theft of public resources by 100%.

6.         Eliminating the housing crisis in Nairobi by constructing modern and affordable housing through new technology, partnership with financial institutions and development partners and the introduction of a Nairobi-based mortgage scheme for people with modest means.

7.         Nairobi suffers from an acute shortage of high quality public health facilities, which are adequately staffed and resourced. We intend to build enough modern health care facilities to mitigate this problem.

8.         We will ensure that all Nairobi residents have access to high quality schools, colleges, institutes and universities, since we believe that education is the cornerstone for prosperity.

9.         Throughout my life, I have fought against all forms of discrimination and injustice – discrimination based on race, colour, ethnicity, gender and religion. My administration will transform Nairobi into a fully tolerant, all-embracing and multicultural community where there is a thriving culture of democratic discourse; where all the rights and freedoms enshrined and entrenched in the Constitution are respected and upheld.

We will introduce a new leadership that doesn’t tolerate tribalism, nepotism and sexism.

10.       I have been part and parcel of the movement for progressive change in Kenya since my youth. I was part of the struggle for the reintroduction of multiparty democracy and the ratification of the new constitution. I am committed to its implementation.

This is our minimum 10-point program!


Thank you.

Miguna Miguna

Dated this September 20, 2012 at Nairobi, Kenya


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