CLARRIFICATION: On The Pilsner Lager Launch and Daily Post Connection


I guess it is very very very important that I make a point of clarification here before I get myself “shot” anytime some day without prior warning… For those who believe in |Instant Justice the Embakasi Way” or before my address gets to the public domain and I wake up one morning to find a host of lawyers and a battery of journalists at my humble dwelling with thousands of pages of lawsuits and court orders.

I’m saying this coz my life seems to be taking a different turn each and every single day that passes by. I seem to get phone calls every single day from friends and foe alike wanting to know a thing or two about a story seen in the daily post. This trend started when one Oliver Mathenge was named in a scarthing story on the Daily Post and continued all throu the Fidel Odinga nonsense and now that one Roy Karuhize is alleged to have been beaten at an event…

I believe that I need to make a few matters clear here. On 20th September 2012, the east African Breweries Re-Launched one of it’s beer brands Pilsner at Prestige Plaza, Ngong’ Road, an event that I had the honours of being invited to. Like all events in this country, this event had it’s fair share of sideshows that did not at any point overshadow the main event itself.

With everyone bound to tell Kenyans of the good side of the event, I went against the grain to talk about the “other side” in an article on this blog titled “CONTROVERSY GALORE: The Other Side of Pilsner Lager Relaunch” published on September 24th 2012. In that article I mentioned an incident involving radio presenter and creative guru Roy Karuhize and security guards from G4S…

“Then came the moment at the VIP where radio presenter Roy Karhuwize was mishandled by G4S bouncers for requesting a drink “when the bar had been closed”. The scuffle that ensured between the opinionated radio host and the bouncer saw justification after another from both parties…

For clarity purposes, the MISHANDLED as used in this note did not and does not mean that Roy Karuhize was at any point BEATEN, WHISKED AWAY or THROWN OUT. The truth is that the bouncer was carrying out orders given to him that nobody was allowed to take any more drinks at the VIP Bar as time had lapsed and it was closing time. The approach the bouncer used on Roy Karuhize was by far an informed one and there ensured a VERBAL ALTERATION between the two which was eventually sorted out by the Head Security Sammy, George Feikh and Tony Mbala.

In my other statement, I wrote that “The crowning moment though came when two top artists associated with gangster rap “fungad” a Johnnie Walker Green Label full bottle taking advantage of the Roy v Bouncers confusion to exercise their kleptomaniac talent…”

It takes a real deal of daftness for anyone to take this to mean that Roy Karuhize STOLE ALCOHOL as has been perceived by others. I guess the statement is self explanatory.

It has come to my attention that some of the content of my earlier note have been used by the “missing in action” and “faceless” blogger(s) who run the gossip laden “THE DAILY POST” under site to a large extent to defame Roy Karuhize.

I would like to inform that I do not , have never and will never run THE DAILY POST. As a “young blogger” my belief in the power of the social and online media is totally different from what is being exhibited by the owners/managers of the daily post. I do not believe an inch in mere rumours and a hood of innuendos mostly used to settle personal scores and indifference.

As much as I believe in the Freedoms of Expression, Rights of Access to Information and Freedom of The Media, I believe, with equal measure, in exercising these fundamental rights and freedoms with a great deal of responsibility and restrain. I believe that these fundamental rights and freedoms must never be exercised without the considerations of other people’s fundamental rights and freedoms.It is worthless to exercise one’s rights and freedoms while infringing on the others’ rights and freedoms, which is what THE DAILY POST seem to thrive on.

With that clarification made, I hope that Roy Karuhize wont “throw a rope around my neck next time we meet” hehehe. Our conversation on phone earlier today was interesting I must say. At the same time, all those planning to send law suit notices and court orders my way, I’m sorry… You are after the wrong guy…

Kohadha Roy Ogolla



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