DANCING WITH THE ANGELS: Tribute To Emmah Achieng (Nyar Semelang’o)

“She passed through glory’s morning gate and walked in paradise she shall live in the hearts of those who loved her and will thus never die or be forgotten, her heart was pure and filled with joy and as long as we live, she too shall live, for she was a part of us, as we remember her… Die when you have to, it will be said to you by those who know you best, that you always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where you thought a flower would grow. To say goodbye’s impossible forever and yet we must too soon exchange goodbyes.
No magnitude of love when someone dies can manage the immensity of ever. Yet even death cannot sever our friendship though you may rest somewhere beyond our sighs and all the talk of afterlife are lies.  Eternity is our brief glimpse of ever. Even as each breeze must alter time and each unruly rock reshape the sea, so love lasts beyond our consciousness. Each pulse of life’s a piece of the sublime, A breath so full of grace it cannot be, A wave that ripples endlessly through darkness.. We fondly remember you Nyar Kodongo”.
This is just one of the many poetic condolences that hit the social media when word broke out that Emma Achieng’ had passed on. Lovers and fans of Rhumba/Benga artist Johnny Junior and his BV Band were shocked when the band leader and his team announced the passing on of one of the band dancers, a lady well known in the dancing circles as Nyar Seme Lang’o. The news spread like bush fire with mourners hitting the web from all over the world joining the band at this moment of grief.
Emma passed on Tuesday 25th September  morning after a short illness that saw her operated sometime late August. It is understood that he had gone back to the hospital to have another surgery to correct an oversight in the process after the first surgery. The process is said to have been done successfully and Emma even had a slight chat with her friends present at the hospital.  She passed on later in the wee hours of Tuesday morning in her sleep, a few hours after the operation.

Jerome Crabb said that “Dying is like coming to the end of a long novel–you only regret it if the ride was enjoyable and left you wanting more” and it sure is the case in the life and times of Emma Achieng’ Nyar Seme Lang’o Kodongo; a lady whose love for music and dance was marched by a few and whose charming and enlighten smile, left many a fans really yearn for more.

So, yesterday, Imelda Wendy Achieng’ Nelson, lay lifeless, a bit more petite and darker than her usual self but as beautiful as she ever could be… That is the moment that you realize the importance of life and learn to appreciate the worth it carries.

The body is currently en-route to Semelang’o Opisa Village, Mariwa Location in Kisumu County for an overnight stay at her father’s home as it awaits internment on Thursday 11th October.

Rest In Peace

By Kohadha Roy Ogolla

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