Kohadha Roy Ogolla on Friday, August 12, 2011 ·

I write this in connection with the story that  have been carried on your today’s copy of Pulse and Zuqka Magazines “Jaguar’s Turkana Mission” where it has been written and I quote ” philamthropist singing entrepreneur Jaguar made a private flight to Turkana last weekend to aid famine stricken refugees…. The venture cost him 300,000/=” It is also written in yet another showbiz magazine today that “the singer did a 20KM walk  to the same course on Saturday 6th August.

I want to say that this is a lie and Jaguar should not use a condition o try and create stories. I was in Turkana, Kakuma Refugee Camp to be precise between 25th July and 6th August 2011. When I arrived in Lodwar on 25th July, a Sunday, there were posters of Jaguar’s show slated for Friday 5th August at a club in Lodwar. So the story that he went for a charity event is a lie, in fact the show was being charged 200/-.

On the Saturday 6th, Jaguar claims to have had a 20 Km charity walk from Lodwar… The question is, to where? The nearest centers from Lodwar are Lokitaung Junction, on your way to Kakuma and Lokichogio, about 40 KM from Lodwar and Kalokol on Lodwar- Kitale Highway, another 50 KM from Lodwar. That not withstanding, I was in Lodwar Airstrip at 7.00 a.m. waiting for Fly 540 plane back to Nairobi and at the airport was Jaguar waiting for the same plane. We boarded the same plane at 8.05 a.m and arrived in Nairobi’s JKIA at 10.25 a.m via Kitale airstrip. So what time did Jaguar go for his walk?

He claims that he donated food worth 300,000/- and 150,000/- respectively, could he possibly give the names of the village he was andf the agency that spearheaded his food distribution coz there are only three agency that are in charge of relief food distribution in Turkana, both the host community and Kakuma Refugee Camp i.e. World Food Programme (WFP), thru’ Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and Oxfam GB as well as the Kenya Red Cross.

It is true that people are dying of hunger, but taking advantage of that situation to try and get fame is not an option and should not be the case by anyone.

I have pictures, taken at Lodwar Airport at 7.50 a.m with Jaguar, Myself, Bobby Mugah and a Host of fans. I can as well give out the contacts of the agencies spearheading the relief food distribution in Turkana starting with WFP’s Public Information Officer, Mrs. Rosemary Ogolla… and for Jaguar’s information, refugees in Turkana County live in a camp called Kakuma Refugee Camp, 150 KM away from Lodwar and if you are to go there today, whether you are from Lodwar or Lokichogio, you need to have a security escort.


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