By Kohadha Roy Ogolla on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 5:56pm ·

I don’t understand why the nomination academy for Kalasha Film and TV Awards decided to have 80% nomination for the TV Awards for programs on Citizen TV while other entrants did not get a single nomination.

As much as Citizen revolutionized the local TV industry, they haven’t really hit the mark on QUALITY nominating almost all CITIZEN IN-HOUSE PRODUCTIONS is no justice to an industry that has been growing steadily.

The argument that is being put across on Citizen programs’ viewership, as the reason for its high nominations does not apply coz the viewers did not nominate the programs and if the Synovate Poll has anything to do with it, then why waste producers time and money calling for entrants, why not use Synovate Survey and flash out awards to Citizen TV Programs?

If at all the rumor that Royal Media is a Media Partner then the 2010 Kalasha Awards remain the BIGGEST SCHAM in KENYAN AWARDS HISTORY THIRD to MBALAMWEZI AWARDS and KISIMA AWARDS. NB: Both Mbalamwezi and Kisima Awards died, meaning that if Kalasha takes to the same direction, We will be HISTORIZING IT!

I’m voting YES, I will, but one thing is clear, my vote will go to waste, the voting lines have been open, exactly 10 days to the Gala Night. Tell me, when are the lines being closed? How many days do ‘we’ have to vote or how many days do the nominees have to rally their friends to vote for them. After that how will the tallying, both online and trough SMSs within the short period?

The truth remains simple and direct… Kalasha Awards 2010 Winners have already been picked by some old boardroom specialists who have a better idea what channel CNBC Canada is than what channel Citizen is on their DSTV. They who leave home at 3.00 a.m and return well past 10 p.m. It beats logic how these group know what programs are running on our TVs. Anyway I still vote, I will vote more than once for those who I believe deserve the recognition.

Gilbert Lukhalia, Juma Williams, Krysteen Savane and Tracy Kabue. You have my votes. Let’s hope that despite this glaring scam that is evident at nominations doesn’t spill to the actual Gala Night!


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