By Kohadha Roy Ogolla on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 8:28am ·

I met a female friend of mine early this week. Actually, she calls me her “Theatre Godfather” coz I happened to have hooked her up with her first job when she got into theatre, three and a half years ago. The last time I met her was at a club and she introduced this dude to me as the “fiance”, that was in December ’09. So when I met her again, my curiosity took the better of me and I asked about the wedding bells. The answer was “ah him, we don’t talk. His name came up in the Cemetry Scandal and he lost his job coz of that”. I pressed on and the answers came. “Surely Roy, the dude lost his job. What I’m I supposed to do? Sit there and wait? Ha, maybe if gets a job, we might get back, for now, I’m done. We actually didn’t break up, I just stop picking his calls n answering his texts, yaaa, it’s now eight months”.

This left me wondering, what exactly is a relationship to all the ladies out there? You stay with a guy for two years, you become part and parcel of each others’ life and when he looses his job, you dump him? Honestly. I might be naive coz the lovely angel of a woman in my life is one person I know I can confine in at anytime under any circumstance and she will always be there, just the same way I’m on her speed dial and text favourite list… but hearing that there are women out there who think of you only when u are in your “better” state only to turn away when the “worse” is imagined to be on the way is sad. My question to ladies is: WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR IDEA OF A RELATIONSHIP AND WHY ARE YOU WITH THAT MAN YOU SO MUCH “LOVE”?


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