DOWN MEMORY LANE: NOTHING PERSONAL: In regard to my opion at KFC Stakeholders’ Forum

by Kohadha Roy Ogolla on Friday, February 4, 2011·

Well done to all the stakeholders who showed up for the Kenya Film Commission Stakeholders’ Forum at The Louis Leakey Auditorium, The National Museums of Kenya. If yu missed due any reasons, pole, yu’ll be filled up by those present. It was a highly charged forum that saw the film stakeholders give KFC a thirty days working period to come up with answers for all issues raised at the forum.

I however want to make something straight here. During the session I proposed that Mr. Odero Aghan Odero step down as a Board of Directors/ Commissioner of KFC due to the fact that he has assumed new responsibilities. Mr. Odero is a great man, a person I respect, first for his age n second for his experience as a performing artist. His contribution to the theatre industry in Kenya speaks for itself.

It is these contributions n legacy that saw him appointed to the position at KFC to represent THE ACTOR. Mr. Odera has since been given a new mandate as the Director of The Kenya Cultural Centre, a position he fully qualifies for and is executing well. Being a Director of any organization is not an easy task. Mostly if art n artist got to do with it. Being in that position demands full attention. That’s why I proposed that to have THE ACTOR, well involve n represented at the KFC Board, we need someone who is DIRECTLY involved in the industry as an ACTOR.

I’m shocked that two hours after the forum, I’m receiving phone calls from people who have been “told” that I attacked Mr. Odera n it suggests that I’ve personal issues with him n used the forum to hit back. Let me put this clear, I’ve nothing against Aghan Odero, not as an individual or professional. He has been a great inspiration n support to me in particular since he assumed his duties as the Director of KCC.

To the busy bodies who want to make this an issue, yu can as well tell Ocampo to drag me to The Hague.


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