DOWN MEMRY LANE: What Went Wrong???

Believe that most people are as mad as I am, as far as the arts industry is concerned. time back when I was growing up, so much was on the press about serious arts and culture was concerned. Thing have so far change like nothing, no serious critics, no updates, no nothing. the best you can get on the press is gossip and more gossip. The local arts industry has become more of a “who has what, who did what” and the likes while good projects are passing an talked of. Looks like we have developed TABLOIDS artistically in the name of arts columns. It also occurs that we are using the press to set personal scores and brag about our achievements.

We have more than just enough paid for articles than real happenings. The generation that we so belong to have decided to concentrate on who writes more than who writes quality substance. Those who dare do serious articles risk more than just size cutting. What did we do wrong? Where did the likes of Margaretta wa Gacheru go to, who will give us James Folkland’s analysis again.

Is this the liberation we talk of? Has teen journalism whitewashed and brain drained our journalists. Are our journalist slaves of investments or just not well trained. Reading articles on the press these days leaves you with one question, IS THE JOURNALISTIC ETHICS IN USE IN THIS COUNTRY? Do our journalists and entertainment writers do their reaserch before doing an atticle? What is the work of editors who allow this crap go on print and do they have a sense of art?

So much can be asked, the problem is no one will answer you and by the end, you will be any enemy of the press, some will call you to persuade you to get notes like this on, off line, while others will threaten you. This industry is fragile and needs to be natured, who will help do this????????? HOPE THIS WONT STEP ON THE PLAYERS AND BOWLERS TOES. JUST A THOUGHT THAT I FELT I SHOULD SHARE.

Kohadha Roy Ogolla on Wednesday, August 6, 2008


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