DOWN MEMORY LANE: “When We Know Not and Think We Know”

I have decided to go down memory lane and share some of the articles I wrote brfore I started blogging and long before it was known that one day, I will be among the top certified public noise markers… Most of the writing was done in 2008 and is probably the main reason why it tool long for the Kohadha Roy Ogolla to come to the lime light coz it was a more or less systematic attack on the mai stream entertainment journalists and journalism….

On Tuesday, December 16, 2008 I wrote an article title “When We Know Not and Think We Know”  read on…

“I recently came under attack by a few friends for being too much an activist on facebook and using it all for the wrong reasons. When I sort to know about these wrong reasons, the answer was “you attack journalists a lot, kwani what did they not do for you? Unfortunately, these friends of mine were and still are journalist. My answer was simple, I will be tagging you in a note that will reply that question soon. and here is the note with the answer”

I have no problem with journalists or there trade for that matter, the only problem i have is with the KENYAN JOURNALIST WHO THINKS THEY KNOW YET THEY KNOW NO CRAP. Maana?
I’m tired of articles every week that try and sell Kenyan artistes and arts industry all in the wrong way. For the last fifty two weeks, that is the whole year, i have read HEAT WEEKLY an article in the dying pull out, BUZZ of the Sunday Nation by Philip Mwaniki and each article has this particular one artiste who is the greatest Kenyan Artiste, JUACALI. This guy has got all the press guys singing his praises to a point that he has lost it because nobody wants to tell him the truth about his music.

He gets the most coverage on the local dailies and weeklies as well as more than enough airtime both on radio and TV. My query has always been, why is this guy not winning international awards with all this publicity that our media gives him? My answer is this simple JUACALI IS A NAIROBI ARTISTE NOT KENYAN, WHY? I can see that coming. The reason being, he does only domestic music with shallow lyrics that can only be understood by a fraction of Kenyan youth mostly his hood guys in EASTLEIGH.

I do not hate here. Philo once wrote that if given a chance to choose between ERIC WAINAINA and JUACALI, he would vote Juacali as a true Kenyan Artiste. This sent me to the internet, where most journalists spend a lifetime getting us stories of what Western rapper did in their multi-million loos. I “googled’ three artistes, JUACALI, MAKADEM and ERIC WAINAINA, and believe me not, Makadem would have been voted the BEST KENYAN ARTIST of the year 2008 by the world if they had a chance to.

This guy, MAKADEM, has this one song that is all over the net, “OBAMA BE THY NAME” that had all the honor of being voted one of the BEST FIVE THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO BARRACK OBAMA DURING HIS CAMPAIGN PERIOD, by both ALJAZEERA and CNN. It is very unfortunate that none of our know it all journalist has even mentioned this achievement. Instead, we had a full page headline reading something like, “WHEN MR. VEGAS CURTAIN RAISED FOR JUACALI” which could have been true according to the occurrences at the FAILED JIPANGE CONCERT, but ask yourself, who gets the highest pay between a main act and a curtain raiser and who got the monetary mileage among the two? As this was happening, our own Suzanne Owiyo and Makedem were rocking the world at the WORLD MUSIC EXPO, (WOMEX) in Seville, Spain and letter in Paris, France yet no idiot talked about their performance which has a live recording on the events website.

The question is who is fake here, the journalist who writes a story of an American rapper’s sex orgy in a pool or the artiste who is Kenya’s best who gets nominations to all big awards and wins none or the other artiste who gets no media attention but represents Kenya outside this country and pulls a crowd.

Why is WAHU the most successful Kenyan Female Artiste of 2008, she never was in the Media that much before she got involved in the MTV MAKING THE VIDEO and winning the MAMA awards. The reason is simple SHE sang to the world and yes the world responded. it bis high time we stopped lying to Juacali and told him the truth. ” HAPA TUNADEAL NA MA ISSUES NA MUSIC SERIOUS ACCOMPANIED NA MAVIDEO DEADLY, SIO NA MANENO TUKIJIFUNGA MALESO ILI TUPAKE HINA KWA MA FINGA”


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