OPEN LETTER TO HON. KATOO OLE METITO: Killings In Marsabit, Where Is Security


On Wednesday, 17th October, 2012, a mother, worst of a widow, just arrived from a distant “Fora” (temporary satellite cattle boma) brought her children goodies as mothers always do to their children. They were all happily chatting in front of their house, owing to safe arrival of their mom. their aunt Mbeyo went to the kitchen to prepare supper for the family while the children were enjoying the company of their mother. The happy reunion of the family was cut short when blood thirsty beasts that to this moment we call humans, a behavior we think is a misnomer appeared armed with guns and mercilessly sprayed bullets to the four family members. There aunt still in the kitchen heard the gunshots but couldn’t come out otherwise she could have faced the same fate too.

 While still in there she overhead the killers saying we are finished let’s go, translated from Borana language. She waited to see the killers go and fled to the scene. She called for help amid crying. She tried helping the seriously injured mother,  but we all know how moms are, even in death, they think of their children, she said though painfully “just check on the children first, I am okay” so the Aunt checked on the children and by then neighbours have already arrived and sadly on site a son didn’t survive the gun shots. The mother and other two children were taken to the nearest Marsabit District hospital. The hospital staff tried their level best to save the rest of the family lives but to no avail. This is attributed to the dilapidated status of the District hospital. The mother and yet another son succumbed to their injuries and sadly died. The only survivor, a daughter, her name is Stella with multiple fractures on her thigh and her bones protruding from the flesh was referred to Kijabe Mission hospital through the help of well wishers. Poor Stella had to travel with all that pain by a shuttle bus over 1500 kilometers and arrived on Friday morning to Kijabe mission hospital where she is recuperating but, the worst still she has been reduced to an orphan.

She has undergone a lot since that day, and she is somehow traumatized. Occasionally she will ask where her Mom and other siblings are, but just to ease the pain on her she hasn’t been told the truth about them, at least for not now until she is out of danger.

Innocent lives have been lost, this is not the first time neither is it the last. The “humans” who we share the same county, same town and or sometimes call them in-laws have carried out this brutal act. They are out there happily living with their families when they have shuttered the lives of some kids by reducing them to orphans! So our question is how worst is it going to be?

We are sure we know what we are supposed to do, both as a government; as leaders and as neighbours to stop the brutality, we just are not good at taking actions. The Rendille community whose population is less than 20,000 in that Marsabit constituency are like sheep without a shepherd, where any stranger can just pick one for sacrifice, where any hyena just picks one or two to seven when he feels he is hungry!

We as a community can’t take this anymore; we are tired of people dying on everyone’s watch! Bad things happen when good men do nothing as the adage goes, don’t we have anymore good men and women within our leaders and Kenyan government to stop the inhuman act?  We are shocked and terribly affected.

Rendille Professionals


One thought on “OPEN LETTER TO HON. KATOO OLE METITO: Killings In Marsabit, Where Is Security

  1. Too sad !.i dont know wat say abt this incident of inhumane act,i felt bad.4 mbt killings,GOD önly more too say jst poleni to the cmnty and family of deceased.

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