The name Kingwa Kamencu is not new to the Kenyan public as it stands.The 29 years old writer hit the news headlines late last year when she “teary” announced her candidature for the country’s top job, Presidency.

Ever since, she has been on the news periodically, rarely featuring anywhere when presidential contenders are talked of.

The last few weeks however have been different with KK who wishes to be addressed as Her Excellency Madam President being all over the media for a reason or two, albeit controversial.

The latest being her Underwear Free Africa Campaign where she insists that she is using the controversial title to illicit discussion on African Morales and Values. The once Independent Candidate turned Labor Party of Kenya Presidential Flag Bearer was on Sunday 4th November 2012 featured in Buzz Magazine, a weekly pullout in the Sunday Nation where she blew open a new controversy that not so many people knew.

The case of a friend of hers named as Wanja who is an employee of Oxford University where KK did her Masters courtesy of a scholarship. The said Wanja was married to a lecturer at the University who she later divorced with the husband blaming KK for the break up citing irreconcilable difference with Wanja more specifically that he found Wanja and Kingwa in a compromising situation in his house.

When addressing the issue, Kingwa did not deny the claim but it painted a picture that she might be queer, a claim that hit the social media with earnest with top bloggers and social media buffs leading the fray that questioned her sexuality.

In a bid to get the real story, The  Kenyan Artivist set out to investigate the matter. In a phone conversation with the said Wanja, she told TKA that she is only a mutual friend of KK and that when KK got to Oxford, they struck a chord as Kenyans  in a far away land. Wanja told TKA that last year 2011, after KKK returned to the UK to finish her studies, she hosted the wannabe president in her apartment as KK had nowhere to live and in order to make things work, she( Wanja) helped KK secure a job as a till attendant at a local supermarket.
Wanja says that KK has nothing to do with her divorce but has instructed her lawyers to sue her enstranged husband for discussing the process against the agreement they had while they finalized the divorce. She is also planning to enjoin KK in the suit for “defarmation” as KK too discussed her private life without prior information and not informing her.

When The Kenya Artivist sought H.E Madam President’s version of the story, her phone went unanswered but she klater sent a text saying “Stay focused, you use the words rightly ‘rumours’. You need to be above the mindless things people say and use your own capacity for critical thought. This is politics and so of course people will come up with all manner of things that sound juicy and exciting. You do yourself no favours by coming to regurgitate them to me, it just places you in there league and if that’s all you can ask me, then kindly keep your distance and don’t get in touch” 

Well, there you have it… Not conclusive but yes, at least something to keep you guessing as our investigations take root!


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