KALASHA AWARDS 2012: Press Release and Nominees

The Kalasha Film and Television Awards is here with us again and this time with alot of new but somewhat expected suprises. The Kenya Film Commission will be hosting this prestigous awards ceremony for the fourth year running.

The Kalasha awards have been designed to allow Kenyans to celebrate their cultural diversity through film and to recognized the role of film in economic sustainability. Specifically, the awards seek to motivate local producers towards quality film and TV productions. The event is organized by Kenya Film Commission, whose mandate is to develop and promote the local film industry.

This year, 97 Films and Television feature were submitted to Kalasha 2012. 32 less compared to that of 2011 which is a significant number and filmmakers have been urged to make more films and serieses to be submitted for such awards.

The main gala event is scheduled for December 8 2012.

Below are the nominees for Kalasha Film and Television Awards 2012.


1. Best Actor

  • Amos Odhiambo (Lost in Africa)
  • Kangethe Mungai (Senior Pastor)
  • Joseph Wairimu (Nairobi Half Life)
  • Sam Kihiu (Valentine Ya Njaramba)

2. Best Actress

  • Rita Dominic (Shattered)
  • Patricia Kihoro (Miss Nobody)
  • Joan Amara (Miss Pathetic)

3. Best Supporting Actor

  • Allan Adika (shattered)
  • Olwenya Maina (Nairobi Half Life)
  • David Ngang Ndugi (Torn Veil)

4. Best Supporting Actress

  • Eclay Wangira (Simiyu Samurai)
  • Irene Kayeri (lost in Africa)
  • Mumbi Maina (shattered)

5. Best Cinematography

  • Simiyu Samurai
  • Lost in Africa
  • Nairobi Half Life
  • Shattered.

6. Best Sound

  • Simiyu Samurai
  • Shattered.
  • Senior Pastor

7. Best Director

  • Tosh Gitonga (Nairobi Half Life)
  • Gilbert Lukalia (shattered)
  • Robby Bresson (Simiyu Samurai)

8. Best Feature

  • Lost In Africa
  • Shattered
  • Senior Pastor
  • Nairobi Half Life

9. Best Short Film

  • Simiyu Samurai
  • Miss Nobody
  • The Victim

10. Original Score

  • Tumanka Goes to school
  • Guardians of the Wild
  • Challenging and Healing Hidden Wars Crimes

11. Best Editing

  • Lost In Africa
  • Simiyu Samurai
  • Nairobi Half Life

12. Best Scriptwriter in original screenplay

  • Lost In Africa
  • Shattered
  • Nairobi Half Life


1. Best Tv Drama

  • Lies that bind
  • Higher Learning
  • Mali

2. Best Lead actor in a TV drama

  • Rogers Otieno (Higher Learning)
  • Hiram Mugai (Vioja Mahakamani)
  • Kevin Mbugua (Mali)

3. Best Supporting Actor in a TV Drama

  • Justin Mirichii (lies that bind)
  • Moses Macharia (Mali)
  • Elsaphan Njora ( Briefcase Inc)

4. Best Lead actress in a tv drama

  • Lucy Nyaga (lies that bind)
  • Florence Nduta (lies that bind)
  • Mkamzee Mwatela (Mali)
  • Janet Kirina (Higher Learning)

5. Best Supporting Actress in a tv drama

  • Mumbi Maina (mali)
  • Caroline Kipsuto (Mheshimiwa)
  • Eunice Wambui (Vitimbi)

6. Best Perfomance in Comedy

  • Peter Sankale (Vioja Mahakamani)
  • Alex Njuguna (the pasua Show)

7. Best talk show

  • Agenda Kenya
  • The space
  • Mentality

8. Best TV Comedy

  • The pasua Show
  • Vioja Mahakamani
  • LoL

9. Best Entertainment Programme

  • 99 degrees
  • Get Lifted

C: Documentary

1.      Best Documentary

  • Tumanka Goes to School
  • Kenyan Youth Scenarios
  • Breaking the Silence
  • Challenging and healing Hidden War Crimes.


Njoki Muhoho, Eston Munyi, Victoria Goro, Stephen Otieno Terrol, Edwin Nyutho, Redemptah O Oginga.
Courtesy of  Kenya Film Commission


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