KALASHA AWARDS NOMINATIONS: The Questions That Need Answers

It is now official, Kenya’s Premiere Film and Television Awards, Kalasha is back. The fourth edition of the Kenya’s wannbe Oscars will be held on 8th December 2012 at Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC).
In the run up to the Gala Night, The Kenya Film Commission, the awards hosts, last week friday released the names of the nominees at a luncheon held at Laico Regency, Nairobi.

The Nomination Academy must be commended for a job well done in trying to recognize the best of the best in Kenyan Film and Television production in Kenyan in the past year. With “Nairobi Half Life” and “Lost In Africa” dominating the the various film categories and “Lies That Bind” and “Mali” taking the lion’s share of televison categories.

Despite the good work done by the academy chaired by Zebra Production’s Njoki Muhoho, there is a great deal of overlooks in the process with most of them arising in the Telesion Awards Category.

First and Foremost, the enlisting of  “Lies That Bind” and “Mali” for “Best TV Drama” is not but a mere overlook but a big misunderstanding of the two television programs that are currently riding high as “Kenya’s First Soap Operas”.

The other overlook that might need explanation from the Nomination academy is the inclusion of  Hiram Muigai of Vioja Mahakamani for the “Best Actor In a Drama Series” category. With all due respect to the academy, Vioja Mahakamani has never been a DRAMA Series. For all the years that some of us who grew up with the program, it has been classified as a COMEDY SHOW. What makes the matters funnier is that Vioja Mahakamani the program got nominated as Best TV Comedy Show alongside LOL (K24) and Pasua Show (KBC)

Also questionable is the listing of Elsaphan Njora (Briefcase Inc) as Best Supporting Actor in a TV Drama. The same case of Vioja Mahakamani applies here as Briefcase Inc. is more of a Televison Comedy Show than a DRAMA SERIES.

Most appaling however is the fact that in the TV category, not a single program currently airing on Citizen TV got a nomination. It is true that there has been complains that the awards have in the past been pre-dominatly Citizen TV inclined but failure by the academy to recognize some of the not-previously nominated or winners like Machachari and Mashtaka bot of which are currently comanding a favorable fanbase is one big mistake.

It is not understood if Citizen TV failed to enter any of its programs for this year’s edition or it was a mere PR gimmick by the Kenya Film Commission and The Kalasha Awards Secretariat to appease the other television station by maliciously excluding Citizen TV programs from the process.
Back to you, Kenya Film Commission and The Kalasha Nomination Academy, would you be kind enough to explain why such glaring mistakes could not be avoided, for puropses of accountabilty.


6 thoughts on “KALASHA AWARDS NOMINATIONS: The Questions That Need Answers

  1. so Rita Dominik’s nomination for best Kenyan actress is not questionable? Or the fact that Lost in Africa is not Kenyan production officially (like the first grader was) ?

  2. WTK and Bill, the fact is that Shattered is Kenyan Production and Rita Dominic acted in it. That qualifies her for nominations if the producers of the film did enter it. An example is, Millicent Mugadi is a Kenyan Actress who has featuired in two Nigerian Films. What would be your reaction if you heard that she has been nominated for a Nigerian Awards??? Let’s take a more practical approach, Oliver Litondo won an award in the US for the role played in “First Grader”, was he awarded for his performance or his nationality???

    I agree with you Bill on Lost In Africa, I was part of the crew for that production and the truth is, it is not All Kenyan. It is a joint production between Pontact Prodcutions (Kenya) and FS Production Copenhagen (Denmark) just the same applies to Nairobi Half Life which is a joint collabaration between Ginger Ink (kenya) and Film Africa which I’m eant to understand is a Western Production. The major difference is that NHL was entirely kenyan Cast while LIA was a mixed race cast. SO if we are to speak about authenticity, then both NHL and LIA should not have been nominated… Just a thought.

    Robinson Njenga, the problem with KFC and Kalasha is that they always want to please powers that be. The last three editions have had student categories yet all of the nominations have gone to KIMC and MMU with eventual winners coming from KIMC. This has not gone well with other schools and I think they have decided to scrap out that category. I don’t support the move a bit.

  3. lost in africa is dated on IMDB as 2010 – isnt it a bit late to be nominated for an award in 2012? – it is also listed as Danish – so what makes a film kenyan in particular? – the cast/crew? the location? the production fund? etc… suggestions please – i’m just asking?

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