POLITRICS 101: The Case of Peter Anyule Imwatok

Politics is a dirty game… FACT! For you to join politics, you must be aware of this one major factor and be ready to delve in it with all your might. Rarely do saints make it in politics and the few who break the jinx end up being better than the devils they happened to edge out in the race.

Stupidity is what makes a man decide to contest a mud-fight battle with a pig. It is no brainier that the pig will not only beat you at the game but it will do so with so much justo coz it enjoys getting dirty.

The last few weeks have been eventful in the political arena of this country, owing to the shambles that were political party primaries held between 17th and 20th January 2012. The irregularities that marred the process were overwhelming across the board. But as it is said, “it’s only the fruitful tree that bears the most recognition”, the Orange Democratic Movement Party happens to be that political fruitful tree.

It is however one Peter Anyule Imwatok who took the joke of politics being a dirty game too far. Imwatok was an aspirant of Makongeni Ward County Assembly Rep. seat and was up against a host of other youthful aspirants for the same seat including outgoing councilors.

Being touted as the strongest candidate within ODM, Imwatok, who has a longstanding personal difference with the outgoing councilor and Nairobi Mayor, George Aladwa, who had shown more interest in the  Makadara Parliamentary seat, went full swing on criticism of his predecessor who also doubles up as the ODM Nairobi County Chairperson.

On the nominations day,  Imwatok is said to have been leading at St. Paul’s, Mokongeni Pri. & Joseph Apudo Pri closely followed by Nicodemus Ochieng’ aka Boka, a close associate of the Mayor before counting of votes was disrupted. This was happening while Boka was leading in Kaloleni Pri and St. John’s Primary before a group of goons, Imwatok’s alleged supporters, stormed the station and disrupted the counting.

The drama begins….

First, the returning officer (RO) Makongeni Pri. School is alleged to have been Imwatok’s old time friend and was his chief campaigner. The RO is said to have locked out a section of voters on the nominations day, locking the gate of Makongeni Primary at 4.00 pm while the official time for the same was to be at 5.00 pm. This is believed to have been ochastred by a move that supporters of yet another aspirant, Opio Lando, majority who were unskilled laborers at Industrial Area, were heading to the polling centre to vote as they had just left work.

Drama continues…

Imwatok, on hearing the happenings at Kaloleni, heads there and picks an argument with the RO, forcing Boka to join the argument… What follows is a scene best described by either Eric Kiraithe or William Ruto, scenes possible only in a Rambo movie or something close to that. Violence breaks out between the two functions… No official results are released and no clear winner is declared…

Fast forward… Sunday

Word goes out that ODM certificates are being issued, Imwatok is in Kitui for a CORD rally, he claims Raila is a close associate and has always told  him “Wuod Teso, I want you to take charge in Makadara” so he has to be close to him… The person with the certs hands them over to respective winners at the constituency level in this case it was believed that George Aladwa took the certificates for all aspirants in  Makadara.

On arrival back from Kitui, Imwatok hooks up a host of his supporters and the RO and heads to George Aladwa’s residence to demand his certificate. More drama. As his supporters are busy climbing the gate, Aladwa’s security team engages them and pap… Imwatok faints and claims he has been stabbed. He is rushed to metropolitan hospital where the media is waiting… The story is breaking news on QTV at 8 pm and makes it to prime news on other channels at 9.00 pm

What the media fails to tell you is how Imwatok faired after he arrived in hospital. While the news of Imwatok’s stabbing was making prime news, Imwatok was already back in Makongeni carried shoulder high by his supporters doing a door to door appreciation for being voted in as ODM flag bearer in Makongei Ward.

At the police station, the statement recorded by the OCPD Buru Buru in person claims Peter Anyule Imwatok reported to have been assaulted by Mayor George Aladwa’s security with no visible marks and or wounds. Begging the question, how then was he stabbed???

The real story… What you don’t know

Imwatok has been on the campaign trail for TNA’s candidate, Benard Mutura and has been quoted in various fora saying that he will never support George Aladwa’s bid for Makadara.

Imwatok’s close associates claim that Ruben Ndolo, former MP and Athi Water Services Board Chair, played a role in the chaos and was responsible for mobilizing the press on the day Imwatok claims to have been stabbed.

This is said to have been characterized by the fact that George Aladwa campaigned for Mike Mbuvi Sonko in the 2010 by elections that saw Ndolo loose the seat after successfully appealing the elections of Dick Wathika in 2007, a gesture Ndolo has never let go of.

Boka was later handed the ticket after Imwatok’s raid of George Aladwa’s residence. The ticket was initially Imwatok’s for the taking but after the violence, a citation of the ODM rules and regulations on nominations was made and alas, he lost it, just like that.

At the time Imwatok raided Aladwa’s residence, Aladwa was just arriving in Nairobi from Butere where he had attended the burial of Dr. Dan Shikanda’s dad, he had neither seen nor received the certificates, they were in the hands of another aspirant for a Nairobi Seat.

Imwatok was “admitted” at Metropolitan Hospital for less than 20 minutes, immediately the press left, he too left. His claim that he was transferred to Nairobi Hospital have no basis as the hospital has no records of the same.

Lessons to learn…

“Akili Mingi Huonda Maarifa” Imwatok had the chance of being ODM flag bearer for Makongeni ward, if only he didn’t think that it was his entitlement.

“Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth” Imwatok listened to too many people with loads of negative pieces of advice. He has another five years to wait due to that.

“Choose your fights” it is true that we all have people we don’t get along with. But how we handle them when they are in position of power matters… Imwatok played his cards wrongly on this. First, George Aladwa is still the Mayor of Nairobi, holding brief till when the first Governor takes over. Second, George Aladwa is the ODM Nairobi County Chairperson, the party listens to him more than any other politician within the city. Third, George Aladwa is the ODM flag bearer for Makadara. Raiding his house was not only political suicide but a great deal of stupidity on Imwatok’s side.

“Gluttony Killed The Hyena” this old dated pre-school saying makes so uch sense. Imwatok’s public support for an opposing party was purely based on monetary value. He needed money to fund his campaigns, he had none and new that Aladwa has limited resources, option one, team up with Aladwa’s enemy within to rock the boat, Ruben Ndolo, and option two, Pesa kwa TNA kura kwa ODM philosophy was badly informed.

For those future politrickians, keep this note somewhere, you will need it.

I rest my case.

By: Davis Ongech


2 thoughts on “POLITRICS 101: The Case of Peter Anyule Imwatok

  1. Nicely flowered, but gruesomely short on substance. This is a testament to how online journalism has made a mockery to the principles of epistemology and objectivity. Try something else, gutter press won’t be so bad for you!

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