Roy Ogolla In Court

Filmmaker and Blogger Roy Ogolla today 28th January 2013appeared at The Kibera Law Courts for the the hearing of a case where he is accused f sending offensive text message to The CEO ofThe Kenya Film Commission, Mr. Peter Mutie.

The case which was supposed to be heard by Resident Manager Hon. Mr. Opande however did not take off. This was due to the absence of the complaint Mr. Peter Mutie who, the court heard, is out of the country for official government duty.

The case dates back to July when Ogolla was controversially arrested after making public allegation of massive misappropriation of funds at the commission on his blog, The Kenyan Artivist. His arrest caused an uproar from filmmakers and bloggers alike leading to his release from Kilimani Police Station on a cash bail. He was later charged with a criminal offense of” Improper us of Communication”

It is understood that the complainant, Mr. Mutie had earlier decided to withdraw the case after an industry mediation effort that was led by Victor Muniafu, the Chairperson of The Kenya Film & Television Professionals Association (KFTPA) among other stakeholders, successfully arbitrated the matter.

“Yes, it is true that we have agreed to have the case withdrawn after a series of arbitration meetings led by industry stakeholders, we are now focusing on addressing the challenges the industry is facing with a view of finding solutions for them. We have made some strides like the validation of the Film Policy and The Creative Industry Development Bill 2012 and a series of meetings with relevant government departments” said Ogolla

Mr. Mutie said that both himself and Ogolla are for a working industry hence energies should be focused in developing the film industry rather than walking up and down the corridors of courtrooms.

“Everything raised by Roy has either been addressed internally or is being addressed as we speak. I have come to realize that both Roy and myself have the best of interest for the industry hence the resolve to withdraw the case and concentrate on working for the industry”

They both however refused to divulge the “catch” in the withdrawal of the case with both referring us to their respective lawyers, Mr. Chacha Mwita and Mr. Nyaginto representing Ogolla and Mutie respectively.

“I’m not in a position to comment on the content of the agreement we had that has led to the application for the withdrawal of the case because that is the work of the legal counsels but all I can assure you is that there are no major compromises by any of the parties involved, it a mutually agreed arrangement” Ogolla noted.

The application for the withdrawal of the case will be heard on 21st February 2013

By: Davis Ongech


2 thoughts on “Roy Ogolla In Court

  1. It appears like the main intention of the case was to harass and intimidate Roy after he revealed the mismanagement at the Commission. What a shameful abuse of the justice system. A total affront to the constitution.

    • That man CEO (I think now is former) was a pain in the … for many staff members. Let him rot hell bent to run down KFC.

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