By: William Makora

In this humble appeal to the Mungiki warriors; please, stop the threats! It is injurious and ruinous to the fabrics that form and hold our nation together. If you like Kenya, spare her of horrible homicidal threats.

Attention of the nation is drawn to obvious signs that the dreadful Mungiki warriors of Central Kenya are again up in arms against free and fair election of the nation’s leadership. In the spines of majority of the people is fear that Mungiki, whom Uhuru Kenyatta is accused of leading to massacre Kenyans in Nairobi, Naivasha and Nakuru five years back, may turn the nation into another bloody Rwanda in a near future. The business fraternity in the areas including Mombasa, therefore, avoids replenishing the stock in fear of explosions saying; ‘There may be war after elections!

Whoever is responsible in fueling this; before there can be war, please, can you consider sparing the nation?! Can you show love for the people of Kenya by according them peace?! Taking Kenyans to The Hague is does not restore life to dead bodies of people murdered in bloody war of tribal egotism!

Like in the recent past election year, we saw poll opinion figures of Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki pulling together. We suspected that the pollsters were threatened to close the gap so that Kibaki who trailed Raila with a margin of 10% could hide his theft of the elections. When numbers could not confirm the manipulation, physical force displayed prominently giving way for Mungiki actions. The Mungiki leaders are facing charges of heinous crimes against humanity at the ICC, Holland. That threat might still be applicable today especially following Mutahi Ngunyi’s well calculated audacity christened tyranny of numbers.

Exploit unity in diversity

Today, Mungiki are on rampage again under quite a potent leadership of state personnel. They are daring. They are vocal. They are terrible. They shout. They write it down. They carry it out. The nation is turned to territory of monocracy and the tyranny is impeccable. That same source of post elections violence of 2008 takes the ownership! Its face is cruel but it holds it up against the nation!

Now, if I may ask on behalf of the people: Who does Mungiki think mayhems spare in the any world environment?! What is any human being made of on this planet?! Can mankind always use his advantage over all creatures to make life conducive to the living?! Is Kenya not a country that can know peace and unity in diversity and embrace it?!

Terrible indications

When former Chairman of defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya, Samuel Kivuitu, said he was held hostage by ‘Mungiki’ clad in jungle army jackets at announcement of presidential results on December 31, 2007, Kenyans ignored the gravity of his sincere confessions and it served to embolden the ‘tribal war weapons’. Today they spray bullets at Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Chairman, Mohamed Issak Hassan and write death letters to the Chief Justice, Prof. Willy Mutunga at will! Those are terrible indications of threat to our national stability.

That the letter asking the CJ to prepare a coffin and grave states that Uhuru “must become president, come what may” while shouting: “We get what we want, mpende msipende”, is enough reason to fear! If the Criminal Investigation Department will not get the culprits (as they have failed in Isaak’s attacks) then the nation will believe the Mungiki letter is “organized from the big house” by “our father”. That would be a worst hand on impunity placed over the nation by ominous mistake!

Threats to reforms

And when, in the most recent development, Secretary to the Civil Service, Francis Kimemia allegedly ordered immigration personnel to bar the CJ from traveling to Tanzania on official duty; it did not only vastly embarrassed the Head of Judiciary but also cast aspersions on Kibaki’s men’s readiness for change. Even Director General of the CID, Major-General Michael Gichangi’s apologies to the CJ did not help to veil the height of betrayal to our reform success. That follows Cord presidential candidate’s categorical calls on claims that Kimemia, Gichangi and Julius Waweru Karangi scheme to rig elections in favour of Uhuru. No investigation reports have come on the same.

If the Criminal Investigation Department will not get the culprits (as they have failed in Isaak’s attacks) then the nation will believe the Mungiki letter is “organized from the big house” by “our father”.

As Kenyans, we would not want huge reforms achieved by the Judiciary and other institutions lost. If threats by Kabando wa Kabando, also highlighted by the Mungiki in their letter, are anything to go by then Team Mungiki are bound to take us back to dark days. That is not what we want to think about.mungiki










May Mungiki spare Kenya of the menace!



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