JIMNAH MBARU: How As We Fight Tribalism, HE Fuels it

I believe that we all know Jimnah Mbaru… In trying to understand the man who TNA and Jubilee Alliance is said to be giving a green light to face Evans Kidero and others in the Nairobi Gurbanatorial Seat after the milk turned sour with Feridnand Waituti, I came a cross this a statement attributed to Jimna Mbaru.
Jimna in one of his “campaigns meeting, recently declared that CORD cannot be trusted to stabilize the economy and Dr. Kidero’s election as Nairobi Governor will spell doom for Nairobi Stock Exchnage. The main reason behind his rather juvenile remarks is that “Luos and Luhyas were never borne to be businessmen and they are better off managing institutions than leading a country”
Really? While the country is all out to end tribalism, it is a shame to hear an aspiring leader making such remarks. This is not the first time that Mr. Mbaru is being recless with his talk… In 2007, while serving as the Nairobi Stock Exchange, Mr. Mbaru made near similar statement…
What Mr Mbaru was saying was that if Kikuyu doesn’t suceed Kibaki and is elected the Governor of Nairobi, it will cause uncertainty in the stock exchange.
Really? Really? Really? You just gave some of us reason to vote for Dr. Evans Kidero enmasse!

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