In an Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 16th 2013 at Shalom House, The Kenya Film and Television Professional Association (KFTPA) experience the wind of change sweeping the television and film industry with only two “old faces” making it to the new office.


The new KFTPA office is made up of young professionals full of vigour and zeal to take the industry forward.


Led by Victor Muniafu, who was elected Chairman for a second term unopposed, the new team has veteran producer Jenny Pont of Pontact Production, a film service provision company with over 20 years experience who join the KFTPA executive committee as the Committee Member in charge of policy.


The others include Linda Karuru formerly of Sound & Pictures and Level One Production who joins the same committee tasked with development of KFTPA Strategy and Toni Kamau, the young Kenyan producer celebrated for pitching a winning film project at DISCOP 2012. With an experience that is celebrated as a BBC documentary producer among others, Toni comes into the KFTPA with a vast experience as the new Vice Chairperson.


Also joining the new look office is veteran actor and accountant Peter Mudamba Mudamba of Mbalamwezi Players who was elected as the treasurer of the association alongside Faisal Malik, a professional cameraman who is the new team’s secretary. Josie Ndanu of Mojo Productions, a company that thrives on public relations for the corporate world in Kenya, also got an opportunity of serving in the new board in charge of marketing and communication.  Her work is out rightly cut out for her as she leads the association’s brand imaging.


The new office bearers have the mantle to lead the association for the next one year with high hopes pegged on them as all eyes are set on them to lead the industry in scaling new heights.


Well, as the film industry stakeholders’ leading association… all we can wish KFTPA and its new office the best as they steer the industry to its deserved stature in the Africa’s Film Industry.


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