Even before the Jubilee Coalition gets to know the fate of the petition challenging the election of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as President and Deputy President respectively, the infamous “Mount Kenya Mafia” is already plotting on how to tame William Ruto if the win is finally confirmed.

In a documented strategy developed by Political Strategist Mutahi Ngunyi, he of the Tyranny of Numbers with the assistance of Jean Kambuni and Philip Gathungu, the strategy details the possible scenarios of how to deal with Ruto who is described as “very abrasives and ambitious person who will want to have a lot of say in the running of the government affairs hence a risk of having two parallel centers of power”

The document which focus on two major issues namely management of an executive number two (Ruto) in power and management of the 50:50 power sharing agreement as agreed between URP and TNA in the pre election coalition agreement that gave birth to the Jubilee Coalition, has a detailed breakdown on how the “Mount Kenya Mafia” plans to “wrestle power and keep it within reachable precincts”.

“Our current number tow can be described as a very smart politician who has used his position to both endear himself to his people and accumulate wealth for himself. He is equally abrasive and vey ambitious and would want to play a major role in the running and decisions of the government. From his character, we anticipate that in the first six months we should expect some cold war between him and UK since he is known to always want his way and does not believe in being managed or lead” reads part of the document.

The team lead by Mutahi Ngunyi believes that there are a number of things that were agreed upon in the coalition agreement that will not be realistic and may render “our man (Uhuru) powerless and reduced to a figure head. It further exploits Ruto’s weaknesses which include his political run-ins with Raila Odinga, Moi among others as well as a series of corruption cases currently bewildering him in the corridors of justice.

Most interesting however is the conclusion of the document where the explanation of how to deal with Ruto is given. The approach christened “The Dead Sea Approach” borrows a leaf from how the Obama administration dealt with the Osama bin Laden’s menace.

“Our approach will borrow from the approach used by Obama to have Osama killed; whereby the US forces entered the Pakistani airspace through sea and later disposing Osama’s body in the sea to ensure it leaves minimum disruptions in its wake”

“We advice that the cases currently facing the number two be fast tracked, specifically the IDP land case that has been in the news majorly this past year. This plot will create the fastest trap for finding him culpable then he will be forced to step down and in accordance with Chapter Six of the Constitution, we will then identify a friendlier and weaker candidate withput strong ethnic base and the person who fits that bill is Balala. In propping him well he will also bring on board a sizeable Muslim block that will effectively counter the number two’s Kalenjin block”

It is ironical that the document refers to Chapter Six of the constitution that both Uhuru and Ruto have fought to ensure that their names appeared in the ballot albeit the fact that they are facing serious crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The document further states that “ As pointed out, in getting to his current position, our number two created a number of powerful enemies and the most opportune time to exploit his weakness is when things settle and it is time to form the government. The plan is to use his enemies to shot down all his nominees and promise them in return a few government appointments. Remember that most of thi people will be smarting from humiliation and all the blame will be heaped on him”

This document perhaps best explain the current impasse within Jubilee Coalition over possible list of nominees to fill the various cabinet posts incase the CORD petition is thrown out.



  1. this is something Uhuru wont agree to no wonder the same mount kenya mafias were for Musalia mudavadi something uhuru was against no wonder the name mashetani came up during one time in his speech UK is one person you wont compromise i gat faith in his adimnstration period!!!

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