President- Elect Uhuru Kenyatta’s party, The National Alliance (TNA) has kept a promise made to the youth in the run up to the just concluded elections.

With an elaborate plan for the Kenyan youthful masses in its manifesto, pessimists waited with batted breath to find a fault in the promise when the IEBC finally gazzeted the names of political parties’ nominees to the Senate and National Assembly.

Expectations were high that some prominent politicians whose political careers crashed in the historic polls would find their way back to parliament. However, the Jubilee Alliance went against the grain and opted to go for youth in its nomination.

Two former journalists making it to the TNA nomination’s list, headed to the Senate is former news anchor with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) Ms Lesuuda Naisula and former creative assistant at Royal Media Services, Joy Adhiambo Gwendo and TNA Chairperson Johnson Sakaja making his way to the August House.

The Jubilee Coalition nominations also saw little known Ms Sunjeev Kaur Birdi join active politics, being nominated by United Republican Party to the Senate as well as Alliance Party of Kenya Secretary General Beatrice Elachi.

“Having promised to prioritize  the youth and agenda if elected to power, President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, have scored a new high among the youths who see the nominations as a fulfilled promise that can only signify a new dawn for the country”.said Onyango Oloo, The TNA Secretary General




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