OEN LETTER TO KIBUNJIA MZALENDO: Apolgies and Resignation Demand

Dear Dr. Kibunjia,

You as the Chairperson of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission of the Kenyan government was appointed to advance the interests of the Republic and the people of Kenya in an impartial and rational manner. As a citizen of Kenya, I object to the way in which you are abusing your high office to promote both your own personal agenda and the interest of a few people and a specific community. You obviously have a ‘blind spot’ when it comes to Kenya; you lose your sense of objectivity and rationality when dealing with Kenyans.

Most recently you have used your platform and title in an active campaign to prevent Kenyans – and especially bloggers – from exercising their freedoms of speech, expression and right to information, with a view of gagging an discussions concerning the just concluded General Elections. This is but one example of your irrational obsession with online Kenyan community to the detriment of the proper execution of your governmental duties. You have acted in breach of your government’s own supreme law, the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Your actions hark back to the Moi era-style of control of information and censorship. Why would you try to prevent Kenyans from exercising their rights and freedoms? Do you think, Dr. Mzalendo that the Kenyan people are not as clever as you are, that they cannot think for themselves and that they need to be protected from the facts?

Are you worried that they will see that, in fact, there is a systematic plan between you and a few individuals in the government to muzzle up their rights and freedoms?

Maybe you are afraid – and rightly so – that if people freely express themselves online and realize the situation that you and a few cronies are trying to send this country in for themselves their perspective will be completely different. Are you worried that they will see that, in fact, there is MORE TRIBALISM in Kenya; hence you and the commission have failed in your mandate of facilitating and promoting equality of opportunity, good relations, harmony and peaceful coexistence between persons of different ethnic and racial backgrounds in Kenya and to advice the government thereof?

Dr. Kibunjia, your personal bias against some members of a given community, THE LUO as expressed in a recorded telephone conversation with one Robert Alai, which is available online and a copy duly enclosed, prevents you from fulfilling your legal and ethical duties as the Chairperson of the NCIC, who, with impartiality and sound judgment, is supposed to further peaceful coexistence, national cohesion and integration. Your actions to discourage Kenyans from expressing themselves and your never ending zeal to muzzle the social media like you have managed to do with the traditional/mainstream media are but one manifestation of your extremist views. In so doing you are jeopardizing Kenya’s international credibility and strategic interests.

These are but a few examples of how your prejudice precludes you from fulfilling your role as a senior civil servant of this government. You seem to forget that your mandate is to serve the interests of the people and the government of Kenyans and not your own personal allegiances. A judge who is biased or perceived to be so is legally and ethically required to remove himself from a case, in the interest of integrity, justice and truth. These same values require that you do the same and resign. Especially during such turbulent times, why do you want a repeat the sins of the Moi era and a possible “apartheid” regime as witnessed in South Africa and shun dialogue with and understanding of the “other”?

Peace cannot be achieved by withdrawal and isolation; as the Book of Psalms (34:15) says: “Seek peace, and pursue it.” The dream of peace will only become a reality when people pro-actively pursue it, and move beyond their prejudices and preconceptions and truly understand the complex realities of Kenya in an open-minded and balanced way. Your actions support the forces of extremism, hatred and violence, and undermine the forces of tolerance, freedom and peaceful negotiations and cohesion. For the sake of peace and justice, we need more information, not less; we need more dialogue, not less; we need more connections with other societies, not less.

You clearly do not believe so and hence you are unfit to hold public office. Do the honorable thing: resign. But before you accept the realities that both you and your commission have failed it it’s mandates and hand over your resignation, I believe that you are obliged to first and foremost offer Kenyans a formal apology for the failures of the commission as well as make due diligence to explain to us, as a Republic, the level of interference by “unseen hands” in the commission’s work ad it’s failures. I believe Kenyans have a right to the same owing to the amounts of monies, withdrawn from the taxes, that have bankrolled the commission and it’s purported activities; which have had no meaningful impact on how we, as a people of this country view each other as obligated by the Act of Parliament that gave birth to your existence.



Kohadha Roy Ogolla (MR.)

Concerned Citizen, Blogger & Social Justice Activist


3 thoughts on “OEN LETTER TO KIBUNJIA MZALENDO: Apolgies and Resignation Demand

  1. Great realities that exposes an institution advocating exactly what it was created to fight. Wish the letter is amply delivered in good time, ’cause this is the only weapon we have: our voices

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