Dear Rt. Hon. Dr. Eng. Raila Amolo Odinga,

Across the globe, the tumultuous political events of the past 3 years have raised hopes for the creation and revitalization of democratic institutions. In some countries, dictatorships have crumbled and new governments have crawled from the rubble.

In others democratic opposition movements have gained strength, courage, and international recognition.

 Kenya has not been left behind, in fact, Kenya boasts of being among the very few democratic countries in Africa- never mind that none of the election in this country have ever attained the “free and fair” mark; with you and your supporters claiming to be victims of flawed electoral processes in the last two decades.

 Still you are celebrated as the Father of the Second Liberation of this Country, a title you worthily inherited from you Late Father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga- the Doyen of Kenyan Opposition Politics.

Who wouldn’t celebrate the man who spent nine (9) years of his life in detention without trial who “forgave” his oppressor and even merged political parties with only to make sure the tyrant went home after 24 years of dictatorship?

 Who wouldn’t dare celebrate a man who overlooked his father’s tribulations in the hands of perceived enemies and declare one of their own “Tosha” at his own expense?

 Who wouldn’t celebrate a man whose victory was stolen and instead of standing the ground as advised by his political team, agrees to share “makate nusu” with the alleged thieves?

It takes real tribalism, real idiocy and real phobia for anyone- any sane Kenyan not to celebrate Raila Amolo Odinga.

You’ve brought this county thus far and that much, I appreciate you for. But there is this little matter that has made me sit down behind my old laptop to write to you this letter- SIAYA COUNTY GUBERNATORIAL BY-ELECTIONS.

It will be of no importance to remind you that despite the fact that you’ve been a “Jogoo wa Mjini”, having played national politics and represented Lang’ata Constituency in Nairobi for more than 20 years, you are a son of the great Siaya County.

Baba, the dynamics of democratic leadership, that you have so much fought for in Kenya is however, not well understood to you in the matter of Siaya County Gubernatorial By-Elections.

Since leadership plays a vital role in democratic movements and democratic governance, it is essential that you, as the party leader of ODM address this issue. To the extent that you have a measure of authority and power, as a democratic leader, you must be accountable for the decisions the party makes and the roles they play.

You are aware that had you been in-charge of this matter as early as January 2013, we wouldn’t be heading into a by-election, right? I believe we are in agreement. I will not delve much into that, as we both know the truth.

I cannot understand the position of some of the party officials, led by the Secretary General, Anyang’ Nyongo, in trying to avert the expected democratic process of a leadership challenge within the party and the matter of Siaya County.

Does Nyong’o have total control over this party? And why does it appear Jakoyo Midiwo and a few Luo Nyanza MPs are the de facto leaders of the party, pushing a very dictatorial agenda?

Where do you really stand?

The leadership of the party must recognize that if the machinery and base of the party are not motivated to go out and work for the ODM, they will not be able to win this by-election, no matter how ‘self-destructing’ the matter is at the moment. We have seen that happen before and yes, it is bound to happen again.

An internal challenge will bring the decision-making to the people who matter most, the core of the ODM, the members- in specific, and the supporters of the party. If the supporters of the party make up the highest biggest body within the party, why have they not been allowed to seriously choose their leader?

Siaya voters and ODM supporters  have never seriously voted for a leader, but have been given anointed leaders, who have been chosen by a select few who feel they know exactly what everyone is thinking and who the populace is drawn to.

This has not really gone down well as far as development is concerned in the county. We still languish in abject poverty, HIV/AIDS is still a major course of death in this county in the 21st Century, our road network are rendered impassible if it dares to rain, our education light is slowly getting dimmed as day progresses, our health centres still lack basic facilities, our youths still have no jobs, electricity and clean water remain a farfetched dream while our economic activities can even sustain a decent life.

Tinga, this happens while you are busy correcting the wrongs of an entire country while your county remains dilapidated.

Have you tried accessing James Orengo’s home in Ugenya during the rainy season? I bet you have the difference is that you flew there… Had you driven there, you would have been surprised that the Senator, has to park his car at some primary school and acquire gumboots to get to his home, yet he has been an MP for the longest time possible. What is the reason? Both you and your dad made him a choice for Ugenya, you deprived the people of Ugenya of the one vital right to choose a person who would have done something about such matters. Orengo’s case is replicated across the six constituencies in the county, I will excuse Ugunja constituency- it’s not even a year old yet.

Agwambo, I know the party settled for Cornell Amoth Rasanga as its flag bearer in the forth coming by-elections… We as Siaya residents can do nothing about it now, but did you ever try to ask yourself what Rasanga has done in the past six months in your home county?

Do you know that in the Siaya County budget has money set aside for the erection of your father’s monument? Do you know how much it is? 4 million shillings… Are you aware that the same budget has an allocation of 30 million for thr erection of a similar monument for Cornell Rasanga’s dad, Amoth Owira?  I wonder who history recognizes in the county between Jaramogi and Amoth and who deserves a monument.

If Rasanga is desired by the majority of the voters of Siaya, he will be returned as leader by them. If he is not the desired leader, he will be rejected by the same voters. However, this can only be confirmed by way of the ballot. The main reason why I write to you this letter…

The leadership of the ODM should resist any temptation to take away the decision-making rights of the ordinary Siaya voters who make up the highest body within their county. I know that you are being pressured to send a battalion of the ODM/CORD brigade to Siaya to drum up support for Rasanga. It’s upon you to heed to the pressure of ignore them.

It sends a double-standard message that democracy is good for the country, but internally, a select few, who are normally more well-off, ‘run things’ on behalf of an entire electorate.

On this Patron, I beseech you to let your county arise. Let you home county gain it’s lost glory, set your county on a similar path as Homabay and Machakos, let you county be on the move towards being on the first page of the Transitional Authority Ranking when it’s done next.

Don’t set yourself on the path of humiliation— you are a wounded lion now, having had your victory stolen in the past and seeing some six people deny you a chance of leading a country you so much  fought to build. Being on the campaign trail for a an unpopular candidate will leave you with two thing; a) bragging right if he manages to win- assuming that Siaya Voters decide to give you the sympathy votes that your foot soldiers are hae turned into a campaign platform or b) more humiliation and egg on the face if the main contender for the same seat William Oduol, who all factors indicate is the frontrunner in the race wins.

Wuod Nyalego, you have endured many embarrassing moments, you have been humiliated enough, don’t you think that the remaining ounce of pride in you deserve to be guarded jealously?

Anyang’ Nyongo, Otieno Kajwang’, Jakoyo Midiwo, James Orengo and the host of Luo Nyanza power brokers thrive on your humiliation. When you are down and almost out, when you’re working your way up like you are trying to do now, they shout loudest- not because they care, but because your situation provides them an opportunity to remain relevant. If you were to keep off the political scene for a month, these guys, all of them will get shoved into political oblivion. That is the reason why the shed crocodile tears when you genuinely cry but deep down, they know they are the greatest beneficiaries of your struggle.

I know this has been told to you before and it is not new, but I have decided to bring it up again.

Telo, take your time, review your clique, get to know the genuine sycophants you have, and for them- the voters, work for their benefit.

I take a leave now, with hopes that you at least get to read this letter, or hear about it as it does rounds on the internet and that its content will make you think about who you really are; the democrat, don’t let these goons who surround you turn you into a tyrant, a dictator- vices that you have fought so hard across the globe.

You are set for more than greatness, don’t erode it. We need another name alongside Mandela in Africa and Raila would be just perfect.

With Kind Regards


Kohadha Roy Ogolla

Siaya County Resident



  1. Let Us Not Use This By Election To Judge Raila.Honestly you want ODM to hand Oduol Party Ticket When He Personally Promised To Raila Alesson And His Supporters Are Calling Raila Loser The Same Thing Av Read Between The Lines Of Ur Post. Let Siaya People Decide And By The Way ODM Have Aright To Use All Party Machinaries To Campaign For Rasanga.

  2. Without mincing my words,whoever loses his seat,as a tradition,is allowed to reclaim his/her seat.
    We should concentrate on possibilities.Do u expect an ODM leader to campaign for a candidate from a rival party and they’ve also fielded a candidate?Even in bigger democracies like the US,UK it is not possible.Obama can only campaign for a democrat but not a republican.Even in the UK,a leader from labour party cannot campaign for a candidate who belongs to the conservative.
    If the voters are advised not to consider party affiliations,then one question arises;-why is oduol runnind NAP ticket?why wouldn’t he run as an independent candidate?
    They are the same candidates who thronged Orange House to be beneficiaries of direct nomination.When their efforts turned futile,they started shouting.Suppose oduol was given the ODM ticket,there would be no querries on nominations.Raila must campaign for Rasanga.Oduol should invite NAP leaders to campaign for him.NAP is not ODM.

  3. It is so unfortunate that Hon. Raila was reluctant in dealing with the Siaya gubernatorial elephant during ODM party primaries when Oburu openly showed contempt of public opinion by declaring himself the winner at his home. That is the time I expected RAO to tell his brother Oburu, who was undecided whether to be Senator or to be Governor to step down and stop embarassing the party and the family. Hon Raila cannot therefore, escape my harsh judgement and blame on that matter. That should not be misinterpreted to mean that if anybody disagrees with Jakom on an issue, then he is an enemy or anti-Raila. He is only human like any of us. RAO is not a god, and is therefore subject to criticism, advise and direction from anybody. I stand true to my opinion on this…

  4. I am very much in agreement with you Roy. i even find your focus on Siaya alone an understatement – the whole of Nyanza has been in a sorry state and even RAO’s mobilisation skills have not helped to rally investors t make a difference. We have been chanting pro-Raila slogans, songs – including war songs – but he has presided over the era when our education went on the dive – can you remember days of Oloo Aringo as Kanu pointman and education minister, we saw seconary schools in Nyanza make a strong showing – a public lest it be confused. Today, there is barely a school that sticks out there. we are fast being overtaken. Machakos may be the current destination of choice for secondary school students from all over yet we have the land, skilled manpower and the requisite environment to do it all. Am sad that even in kisumu – Nyong’o has never delivered and may not be known for anything there worth its salt. Ranguma’s leadership story is just punctuated with mega corruption barely six months on the job so let Raila re-invent himself and show leadership. He needs to whip his team and the local leadership to deliver on promises and allow for able and committed leadership. Let him remember that the days of handpicking candidates are fast-fading and his continued manipulation of the Siaya and any other politics is beeing watched keenly. In Muhoroni, we elected a person in a party i can even name but just because we thought the old prof was a disservice we had lived with for life on end.

  5. How Intriguing?This nonetheless remains the truth.In fact,the only solution to all these problems is just so simply-let Raila & his entire choir go home.It’s high time we started our politics all over a fresh!We honestly don’t deserve any of the current crop of “leaders”,let us just send them packing in 2017 and get a fresh start with a new crop of leaders,otherwise,we shall NEVER move an inch towards anything positive!

  6. That said,i fail to connect how RAILA is doing SIAYA a diservice by campaining for a candidate from his party.maybe there is something you are not telling your soul and let us know

  7. I beg to disagree, in any democratic world everybody has a right to his / her opinion, Roy u judge Rasanga Harshly for nothing those monuments are a source of tourism attraction and in return may give the county more? Raila may have no vote in Siaya n u too but the Siaya electorate will decide. Dont give Oduol hope that may not be there and I tell u today that Rasanga is going to lead in a bigger margin than on 4th march. Roy leadership is God given and to my surprise u blow both cold and hot and if u really believe that Raila is for the good of this country y do u think that he doesnt want it for his own county. If u support Oduol do it in Siaya through campaigning to him, blogging will not help him but only sends wrong signal to outsiders. Dont drug RAO on this cos even Oduol vowed to teach him a lesson on this n we r waiting to c. This social media propaganda is what has bn cheating Oduol that he has Siaya Support n yet those who support him doesnt av Siaya vote. Lets meet in the field campaigning for our candidates and the best will win. I too hails from kogello even we can meet at Nyang’oma to drum up support for this fellows but not to criticize RAO on everything.

  8. Ogolla or whoever u call urself, i congratulate u for knowing alot about Raila and Democracy but i beg u to also learn something about political parties act and ODM Party Election and Nomination Rules. Thereafte i will believe in ur sentiments about what u call democracy coz i know u shall not be the same again.

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