One thing I love about this guy, Uhuru Kenyatta is that he forgets that he is supposed to be a president whenever he sees a crowd and /or the press inform of him.

Don’t blame him, it’s a condition that is synonymous with all spoilt kids… coupled with the belief that he is young and “hippy”, UK is one master attention seeker.

I listened to him address that crowd in Eldoret yesterday, that declaration of “Jubilee will RULE, for 20 years” left me wondering…

  1. RULE or Govern? The two might share a similar context but have very different meanings— To RULE is to EXERCISE ULTIMATE POWER OR AUTHORITY OVER AN AREA & ITS PEOPLE while to GOVERN is to CONDUCT THE POLICY ACTION & AFFAIRS OD A STATE OR PEOPLE.

It shocked me that Uhuru Kenyatta and his GOVERNMENT have settled down to RULE this country. So, here we go guys— we have not a PRESIDENT but a RULER, no wonder life is becoming harder for the common mwananchi by the day.

  1. 20 years of JUBILEE— Boss yangu, are you for real? By 20 years, you mean your 10 years and probably, William Ruto and /or any other Kalenjin RULER for another 10 years, right?

Now, here is where I tend to believe that you must be using something that is akin to being illegal and had you not been a RULER, you probably would have been i some trouble with the “Kimaiyo Boys”— This is Kenya and rarely do we see same election partners make it to the next elections. Both you and Ruto are very much a party to that realistic history that is Kenya.

I would so much want to see a Russia happen in Kenya but boss, with your Deputy at some court in the Hague and you following him soon enough, it will be very much of a miraculous escape if we get to see you both walk like clowns holding hands with marching costumes addressing the press and inviting people for tea in 2018.

Reason? The main witnesses against both of you in this cases are members of your opposite communities and soon enough, one of you will start crying foul and viola, the Tyranny of Numbers will soon be collapsing into a Tyranny of Regrets for your support bases, so, keep the optimism and hope it actually materializes.


You really are a great guy… You’re the only occupant of the House on the Hill who has demystified that house and really, we have a very different view of the office you hold now as opposed to when Uncle Dan and Baba Jimmy were occupants. Great job. Lakini, stop overreaching yourself, you are a great socialite, a great host, a great talker, a great ACTOR, if the Uwezo Fund adverts are anything to go by, and a great everything except COMEDIAN.

Wacha jokes za ujinga… Kama hizo za jana na za two weeks ago when you addressed that prayer meeting in your backyard, tafadhali.

We’ve enough comedians already and Churchill is overwhelmed with them, you were elected- if it’s true coz some people don’t believe so- to be PRESIDENT, fanya kazi yako na uwachane na kazi ya Churchill.



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