TPF 6 Fails To Impress

By Kohadha Roy Ogolla


What used to be East Africa’s number one premier reality TV show Tusker project fame kicked off last night on a low note with a series of lame mishaps that have since seen the show ratings drop six feet under. As much as there is nothing much to write home of the “talent show” owing to the fact that the previous winners have not done anything meaningful with their bounty catch of 5 million Kenya Shillings and multi-million recording deals, here is what went down.

 This was an evening that began with boring and irrational speeches from EABL on how Tusker is the number one brand. And even after promising lots of giveaways, they went ahead to sell to their distinguished guests (read Press) (who were by the way mistreated as EXCLAMATION PR watched helplessly. Where is our good old OGILVY PR??), ladies and gentlemen beer at Ksh. 150. Who in his right senses buys water at exorbitant price when at the river bank?? Somebody give me a cold Summit lager, I need to cool down! My local pub, which is over 30 km from the plant sells beer at Ksh.140, transport cost, catering levy, profits and ‘gikmakamago’ inclusive and there we were getting a raw deal from the source.

Where was the surprise judge?

The only good that came out of last night’s show is the fact that finally Eric Wainaina’s patriotism was recognized and with that opening duet of ‘Daima Mkenya’ featuring coach Kavutha I want to say, ‘karibu nyumbani’. I am reliably informed that Tanzanian producer Hermes Bariki whose name has been remixed to Hermy B (according to Dr. Mitch) was initially not in the list of judges and that the producers had sought after a prominent Tanzanian music mogul whom they failed to woo and had to quickly find Hermes after dumping him. An insider tells me they have been trying to cut costs. Well, if they can’t afford it yearly then it is not a matter of life and death, they can scout talent after every three years when we have drank enough Tuskers to foot the bills. This is showbiz and glamour is all that it has, without that, there is nothing to show for it. For example, the contestants who did not make it into the academy left the plant in a Tusker FC mini bus, there were no goodbyes, no after party, no security and conspicuously missing was the limousine and its escorts.

Even though some say beer and petroleum jelly don’t mix, Sheilla Mwanyigha made TPF exciting, easy and worth looking forward to, and this I say on behalf of all the men. Now we know the truth, not everyone makes a creative, entertaining host. Dr. Mitch is still as good as ever, but if Joey doesn’t step up her A game, it would only be fair if Mitch hosted the show alone. Joey Muthengi made the show an agonizing experience with her off sync relation with the ever fresh Mitch Egwang’. As a matter of fact, Sheila Mwanyigha needs to be brought back to salvage the show as soon as last night.

Mo sound gave very little sound…

The sound engineers, if at all there were any made the show agonizing to watch with the on/off mic moments. Here is what allegedly happened, Mo sound was the lowest bidder and endemol surprisingly kicked out Homeboyz from the sound desk. What they did not realize is that this was a live event and not a road show. Please, please let us have experienced people in their respective fields. It was very embarrassing when there was total disconnection between the judges, faculty and hosts and the microphones either humming or whistling. Whether this was a problem with the “live sound” or the television feed, the audience cares less, just get the damn sound working.

TPF 6 has also seen the introduction of new “make-up” artists… After Ashley’s five year monopoly, ‘Suzzy Beauty’ will be the new faces in front of the make-up mirror… and boy, they did a poor job. The make-up was in excess making the female contestants look as fake as Nicki Minaj.

The biggest disadvantage of live shows is that you never have the luxury of correcting mistakes. I don’t wish to sound mean but facts remain facts, if the same show I watched last night is going to be on my TV for the next 8 weeks, may God help my TV for I might end up with none, that is if I don’t pull off my hair!!!

NB; I am not a musical judge but I do have a musical ear, why again was Rwandese Peace sent home?? It should have been the Nyeri woman!!!


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