I have been away for close to 48 hours now and on my way back, I find lots of stories flying all over the blogs over an “extortion” claims by one Mike Mbuvi Sonko.


To some dimwits, this might sound like acceptance of liability but to the few mental blessed ones, it’s more sarcasm than anything.

I ask this question because there are three different versions of the same, all accredited to Sonko. a) 2 Million, b)1 Million and c) 300,000.

On Thursday 10th October, on a radio interview onRadio Maisha (Listen to the recorded version here) with Jalang’o and Mwashumbe, Sonko played TWO telephone recordings— one from me and another from some anonymous person, unknown to both himself and myself.

Sonko categorically started that “some guy from river road called him and requested 2 million shillings”. In the recording, Sonko is heard negotiating with the said extortionist noting that he could manage 500,000/= and that the guy should go collect it from his office. He went ahead to say that the guy had since been arrested. NOWHERE DID HE SAY THAT ROY WAS AN ACCOMPLICE. #FACT.

Fast forward to Monday 14th, on the same radio station, hosted by Jalang’o and Alex, Sonko played the same recordings making the same extortion claims without mentioning my name in the said web of people who tried to get money from him.

He however read various text message communication between me and him as well as between myself and Hon. Shebesh. What he failed to do was read his own messages.

The most published message of them all is this “Tulia mhesh. Ulimess, kubali na useme ukweli. Ongea na Okaka akushow vile tunaeza maliza hii maneno. I don’t fight losing battles too mostly online. Nitafute tuongee kama maboy…”

Well, it takes a real dolt not to see the tonnage on this message and realize that it is a reply to something.

I confirm sending this message to Sonko on Wednesday 9th at about 7.40 pm. This was a response text to an earlier text sent by Mike Sonko “You Roy Ogolla I see you are determined to do an online battle with me. I don’t fight loosing battles. Sonko” sent on the same day at 7.36 pm.

My message was followed by the phone conversation that Sonko plays everywhere he goes. It has since been followed by quite a number of other communication both on text and on calls by ourselves and thru proxies.


On Wednesday 16th, I was invited for an interview on Radio Jambo by a mutual friend Ken Odero. I was psyched up to get to that booth and clear the issues surrounding this whole Sonko v Shebesh shit, but on the evening on Tuesday 15th, professional obligations came my way and I had to cancel the interview as early as 7.00 pm on Tuesday when it was scheduled for Wednesday at 10 am. I still managed to have a short phone interview, where some nasty words flew… Sonko was live in studio and this irked him.

So, after playing his recordings and reading the texts, Sonko still did not tie me down to any extortion but made a claim that Kenn Okaka, a close friend to both of us, had told him (Sonko) “to prepare 300,000/= to help in clearing the mess“.

#FACT 1. Kenn Okaka is my business associate,  we, together with others, run a magazine “Intouch Mtaani” together and is the one whoi formally introduced me to Mike Sonko, who gave us 150,000/- to start the magazine project.

#FACT 2. Kenn Okaka has been concerned from the word go on the happenings and has tried to have both me and Sonko sit down and solve this matter coz he (Kenn) believes that we are stronger together.

#FACT 3. In my communication with Kenn Okaka, I have insisted that I would only meet Sonko in the presence of Shebesh, because we are all mutual friends and she is the reason why I got involved in this saga coz I stood to defend her.

#FACT 4. In the communication with Kenn Okaka, at no particular moment have we discussed money, coz whatever I did, was never informed by money.

Therefore, if Kenn Okaka asked Sonko to “prepare 300,00/= for cleaning up the mess”, that was their own arrangement that does not include me coz I was not and have not been part of such deliberation.

It is however interesting to note that the person who came up with the extortion story online is the same Ken Odera, who wrote the story on Kenya Today blog. I wouldn’t want to speculate his intentions but if it has to do with my skipping his interview invites for Radio Jambo, I probably will have to say that it’s extremely immature of him.

The FACTS are clear, the recording are available— The person (s) who tried to get money, whatever the amount, have been arrested- Sonko said so. They were arrested as early as last week. I want to believe that they have been arraigned in court to answer to the charges, which begs the question— If they acted on my behalf, why haven’t I been summoned for questioning or worse still been arraigned in court?

So, as these gossip- I call them gossip coz in all the blogs the story appears, it is under the GOSSIP PANEL– fly by, I want to reiterate my earlier assertions, Mike Sonko has been involved in more than a million scandals since he rose to public limelight, never before has he worked so tirelessly to “set the record” straight like he has done in this. I maintain my stand that it is high time Sonko grew up. He needs to come off his pubescent excitement and realize sooner rather than later that he is a member of the honourable house of Senate. The constitution is very clear on the conduct of public office holders and it’s imperative of Sonko to go back to his Constitution chapter six and re-read it.

As long as he continues to act like a goat on heat or a pig experiencing orgasm, I will stand for what I believe is right and honour my obligation as a citizen to continue holding him to account for his actions as long as he remains to carry the name, Senator- Nairobi County.

May I also take the earliest opportunity to state that I have no personal problem with Sonko, never had, never will. I hold him in high regard having come thru for us when we rolled out Intouch Mtaani but I will not allow my leaders, regardless of what they have done for me personally or for others, to act in such juvenile manners and keep quite about it.

Here’s is my response, you can either choose to take it or continue believing the GOSSIP going around. I careless of what you will make out of it coz in the end of it all, I’m very clear on what I did, why I did it and why I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!

Kohadha Roy Ogolla.



  1. in other words, biting the hand that feeds you! why do you try to destroy & extort the person who helped you launch your magazine? you might be innocent, and that’s a big ‘might’ but i dont understand why you’d stab mhesh in the back.

    • Boss, probably you need to understand the genesis of the magazine and how the money came by. I respect what Sonko did for us and I appreciate it but I never thought it was some form of bribe that was meant not to correct him when he does something wrong.

    • Boss, probably you need to understand the genesis of the magazine and how the money came by. I respect what Sonko did for us and I appreciate it but I never thought it was some form of bribe that was meant not to correct him when he does something wrong.

  2. if you truly hold Mike Sonko in high esteem….if you really care about the families of both Shebesh and Sonko; why did you choose to shame them and embarrass them publicly?? Weren’t there other channels to help Sonk and Shebesh correct their behavior??

    • Bonnie Martins, if you start following me you will know where my involvement with the pictures came and why I did what I did. So, I will spare you thoughts for now.

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