Malcom Fouassou Cyr Magloire

For the past two weeks, I have been keenly following a story that first appeared on The Nairobi Exposed Blog. I developed concern and read thru the story very keenly. But as usual, all I saw was pure vendetta and a one sided story that had very few facts.

I decided to venture out there and try to unearth some facts just as The Nairobian followed in the footsteps of bloggers and deep a yet another lopsided story (here).

I really needed to understand the real story behind the Malcom Fouassou Cyr Magloire- a Cameroonian living in Kenya and Pastor Carolyne Helen Wanjiru away from what both the Nairobian and the Nairobi exposed guys reported- which was more of the Cameroonian’s story with little regard of the Pastor’s take.

So I went out, first, I had to get hold of Malcom and hear his side of the story- his own narrative- coz we writers have away of adding unnecessary sugar to stories for the sake of making sales.

So on Monday 18th, I managed to get hold of Malcom, we agreed on a lunchtime meeting at Prestige Plaza on Ngong’ Road. Unknown to both of us, Malcom was actually being tracked by the CID from all over Nairobi for a robbery claim. As we settled down for the interview, after he introduced the story and I was to start asking the hard questions, the CID pounced on us, and for the umpteenth time, I was in handcuffs heading to the police station for reasons I didn’t know.

However, we ended up at the Immigration Headquarters and after a little interrogation, i was released, I was just a humble writer out to find a story and yes, i found it. Later that day, I managed to pin the Pastor to a meeting which took place at her Church premises in Ngara. She gave me her side of the story backed with witness accounts of her Senior Pastor at Lovespring Church, Apostle Raymond Tamakloe as well as recorded tapes.

I later went to the Immigration just to follow up on a few more issues and yes, I got more than I ever thought I needed.

From the meetings, I can hereby report as follows:


Malcom and Carolyne have been married for the past 15 years, add 2 years of their courtship, the two have known each other for 17 years. They had a legal wedding with celebrated Nairobi  Lawyer, Cliff Ombeta as the best man in the ceremony.

They have two kids, Cheryl- the first born daughter aged 15 years and Nathaniel- the son, aged 10 years old.

Like any other household, the two have had their fair share of marital woes that includes infidelity among other vices that are nothing new to marriages world over.


The two are currently not living under one roof. This was occasioned by Malcolm’s 3 years imprisonment in Sudan after he was charged for being in possession of fake currencies in Khartoum.

It is while serving the jail term that Malcom claims that their real troubles started. In his narrative, he claims that when he was away, his wife took advantage to disposes him of their matrimonial wealth.

However, in tape recordings from a reconciliation meeting chaired by Apostle Raymond attended by both parties and Malcom’s elder brother Leonard, MALCOM CONFIRMS THAT HE AUTHORIZED THE WIFE TO SELL PART OF THEIR PROPERTY TO TAKE CARE OF THE FAMILY EXCEPT, HIS CLOTHES AND MERCEDES BENZ.

It is also on record that he has a terminal ailment that he disclosed to his wife through the said Apostle Raymond and they are currently undergoing a divorce process.


Malcom is a common foreign criminal as per the records with various govt departments tracing back to 2004.

On 26th February 2004 his Cameroonian Passport No. 390149 was taken into custody by the Immigration department following an investigation over fraud claims that even saw him charged at Kibera Law Courts- The Passport still lies at Immigration to date.

In 2006/07, he was again charged at Kibera Law Courts where he was ordered to surrender his passport with the courts. He duly complied and deposited a Cameroonian Passport No. 00153261.
Later in 2009, he was arrested in Sudan and convicted. He was using a Congolese Passport No. C0501927 under the name Francoise Pembe. A copy of the Congolese Passport is currently in the possession of the DCIO Kilimani Police.
When I checked with the Congolese Embassy, the Passport Number C0501927 is registered under the name of one Kasongo Ngoy Emmanuel.
On passports, Malcom has a Cameroonian Passport No. 01274848 under the name, Fouasso Cyr Magloire which he used to open a bank account with Diamond Trust Bank in early June 2013.
Which begs the following question..
The Department of Immigration has been looking for Malcom for the past 21/2 years with an intensified zeal the past two weeks since he went to the press over his estranged wife (at that time, he was incarcerated in Sudan)
A file at the Immigration department prohibits him from entering Kenya and is marked “red” meaning that should he be seen anywhere in this country, he should be arrested on site.
As a matter of FACT, he has  been marked for deportation for the longest time possible and his claim that his wife is behind his woes is a far fetched rumor.
I’m still working on the entire story and I hope to have it published in one of the dailies as well as various other platforms but I thought I have an obligation to share a few facts that I have come across in my attempt to get the truth of this matter.
So before we jump over the roof and shout all manner of insults to Pastor Carolyne, let’s give her her day in “the court of public opinion”. Here’s just the beginning.

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